Floo powder or an apparation app or just beam me up!

icestormSo, who visits the Moomincabin when its summer residents are not around. When I was a child, this was of much more concern because no one lived along the moominbeach during the off-season and it was (and still is) isolated enough that anyone could come in and loot and/or destroy cabins.

Nowadays, there are four homes along the moominbeach that are winterized and have people living in them throughout the year. I will not identify all of them except that the Grinch is one of them. The point is that I live five hours away from my family’s cabin but I do not spend a whole lot of time worrying about break-ins, etc. OF COURSE THEY COULD STILL HAPPEN! I could write a whole post about that. But that could happen here at The Landfill too. What I know is that there are relatives of mine going in and out all of the time and whether or not they are actively and specifically watching our place, they do notice things. They all drive in and outta there multiple times per day and there are more than a few folks that I don’t think I would want to run into if I was a burglar/vandal and the Grinch is definitely one of them.

Anyway, if anyone who bothers to read this blahg o’ blather and also lives at the moominbeach happened to see an unfamiliar vee-hickle drive in today, it was the Uncly Uncle and his son-in-law. The UU is welcome at the moominbeach at *any* time. The Commander had a special relationship with the Twinz of Terror and I’m sure she is smiling, knowing that the UU and Nick visited our beach today. I wanted to be there today and I hope that Nick will get a chance to visit during the warmer months someday. He and his family will be more than welcome.

Down here? It was a dark day but we enjoyed it anyway. I worked from home all day and that wasn’t bad, especially since I spent most of it sitting on the Green Couch (watching all the dogz go by) with Lizard Breath sitting quietly at the other end. At the end of the afternoon, I suited up to schlep over to the Plum (second time today, long story). It sounded AWFUL out there before I left with needly-sounding precipitation falling but my walk to the market invigorated me, even though ice was needling my face.

3 Responses to “Floo powder or an apparation app or just beam me up!”

  1. Jan Miller Says:

    If UU was there yesterday I didn’t notice! We were in and out in the afternoon. I worked in the morning. Snow on the ground today, but we got out easily.

  2. Sam Says:

    Warm on a couch with a friendly presence sounds like a VGT when the weather is dropping ice-needles. (VGT = very good thing)

  3. Margaret Says:

    Good to know that you have your own version of Neighborhood Watch even in the Great White North. 🙂