So this happened


I heard it fall. It rattled my windows. I looked around my own yard and didn’t see anything out of order. I did not actually suit up and walk around the corner to the woods. We were in the midst of a sleet storm. So I didn’t see it until I took off on my 0-skunk-30 walk this morning. First I encountered what I thought were branches down over the sidewalk. Okay, I’ll just go over to the other side. Or not. Do you have any clue how spooky it is to be walking along in pitch black and realize that a HUGE tree trunk is impeding your path?


I climbed over it. Yes, that was an insane thing to do. Why? Because power lines. Yes, I KNOOOOOWWWWW how stoopid that was. It didn’t occur to me until later (after I had climbed *back* over the tree) that the reason it was extra pitch black in that area this morning was because the streetlight was out. I *was* using my iPhone flashlight though and if I had *seen* a downed power line, I’d’ve backed off right quick. The fence was already destroyed by a previous falling tree incident. We’ll see if the school district gets around to fixing it this time… … …


One thing I did spy with my iPhone flashlight was a single tennis shoe. Under the tree trunk. Scared the living daylights outta me. Whose tennis shoe? Where was the foot it was attached to? I looked around. I did not see any evidence of, well you-know-what. Later on, when I went back over there in the light, a young Haisley student was there with her father and she (who plays over there a lot) confirmed that those shoes (there was a matching shoe that I didn’t encounter) had been *in* the tree.


I walk through that area every morning and I frequently walk through it around the time the tree fell. Yesterday, I braved the elements to go to the Plum Market instead.

2 Responses to “So this happened”

  1. Sam Says:

    That was a SAFE tree. It didn’t mash a roof!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Yikes–it would have done a lot of damage if it had fallen on anyone or anything.