Icy cold

cubelandThe day that is, even though it was above freezing the entire day. This post is all about updates. In no particular order.

Update 1: I am kinda at the end of anything good to work on but they seem to pay me anyway. It gets like this around this time of year every year and sometimes in between. I’ve learned to live with the ebb and flow of my particular flavor of systems analyst over the eight (EIGHT?) years I’ve worked at Cubeland and I was living through the slodginess of today. My I/M icon lit up. It was the LSCHP. “Your new laptop arrived. I locked it up.” “How long are you gonna be over there? I’ll come over and get it (cabin fever).” Yada yada (sorry moom, wherever you are) ensued and I jumped into the Ninja and schlepped over to Cubeland.

The LSCHP does things on his own time so there was a bit of a walk-about before we got to the one locked room in the building, where my new laptop was stowed. As he talked to the folks doing the renovation, I alternated between trying to look “impotent” (as my parents used to say) enough that I gave a you-know-what about what was going on and taking pictures/checking facebook on my phone.

Update 2: Our beauteous new bathroom was officially finished as of yesterday. We have been using it for weeks now but there was an issue that had to be corrected (that the contractor caught, btw, not us). Photos deserve a separate post, maybe after the new year.

Update 3: The TREE! As of this afternoon, the power lines are gone and both of the sidewalks leading into the schoolyard are clear. I sorta cannot get into the south half of the woods. I’m sure I could manage to figger out how to clamber over the HUGE tree trunk that still blocks the entrance. I thought about trying. I eyeballed the yellow tape. I thought about Titanium Pinky, although I don’t think clambering over that big log would cause an injury of any sort. I hemmed and hawed. In the end, I didn’t do it.

2 Responses to “Icy cold”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Are you loving the beauteous new bathroom? I remember walking into mine(still do sometimes) and thinking that I was in a fancy hotel. They were so plain before and now they are customized and the way I want! I don’t know if I can WAIT for photos. 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    Great about the bathroom! New for 2016, you can put on a sign on the door….