I wanted to be out and about hiking or whatever today but I could not focus on what to do/where to go to save my life. I was thinking [rather meanly, to be honest] that it was the GG’s turn to think of some sort of expotition. He didn’t. At one point he mentioned the hardware store. That wasn’t quite what I had in mind and I don’t believe he ever got there. To be fair, last night I was starting to wind up about what we should do in the morning and he said something like, “Let’s not over-schedule.” It was okay. The GG did a lot of necessary little chores and I kept up with the proverbial never-done “woman’s” work type stuff. Do not get me wrong. I like to keep my house/cabin(s)/trailer/whatever cleaned up whenever I possibly can and I *enjoy* doing that kind of work. Mostly. I do NOT like to vacuum, dust, or declutter stuff that doesn’t belong to me…

I did demand a Sunset River Walk down at Barton Dam. We were doing sunset walks down there most Sundays last winter. This year has been a different aminal and we haven’t managed them as often for reasons that escape me for the moment. I could look back thru my boring blahg of blather to find out what I’ve been doing all those Sundays but I don’t think I’ll bother.

Anyway there were more people down there than I expected, including this flotilla of kayakers.


I could’ve waited a bit longer to get a better pic but I was cold standing there on the foot bridge and I am also a bit uncomfortable being a paparazzi, even though these folks are [probably] not celebrities and would be unrecognizable in any pic I took with my iPhone from the foot bridge. Still, I don’t like strangers taking photos of me so I am always thoughtful about whether it is okay to photograph someone I don’t know. Kayaking… My kayaking activities were sparse last summer. Too busy for river trips and the beach was windy while we were there and then there were Titanium Pinky’s escapades. She is back and ready for kayaking any time.

We saw about five minutes of Blue in the early afternoon and maybe about 20 down at Barton Dam.


I don’t know who lives in The Encampment but there is usually something interesting there. The content of this arrangement is fun. It also looks like a face. [I rarely carry coins or I’d’ve left some although it’s hard for me to believe that coins do anyone any good. Maybe I should re-think that…]


We took a different route home from the river than usual, and here is what Kerrytown looks like with winter lights in the gathering gloom. Do not be fooled by the peeling paint on the brick exterior of that building. It houses upscale shops. Not sure if I know what those shops are called these days or what they sell. For years the legendary Kitchen Port was upstairs. I spent so much time in there, sometimes with my old coots and Radical Betty. R.I.P. to all, including the store.


I read most of a book today. Maybe I’ll write about it tomorrow (or not). It might be obvious to some folks.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Is Marinus a hint? 🙂 I don’t get it, so I must not have read the book. I have to be in the mood to clean and organize. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in that mood during break. I think I was just keeping up on the holidays.