Telecommuting pandemonium (not a work blahg)

bluebowlBegan the day with a kind of lukewarm shower. Not a good thing but there was a “good” reason for it, aka “Oh, I forgot to turn the water temperature back up.” Indeed. It’s okay. There’s a silver lining here, which is that at least somebody here at The Landfill knows how to monkey with the water heater because I certainly do not.

So the water temperature got turned back up and then our contractor was meeting the plumbing inspector over here today so our contractor turned the temperature down because kids get scalded and people get sued (and I’ll refrain from commenting on lawyers here because jeebus). I’ll bet that building inspector has the water temperature higher than the required temp at his own personal house because wife. (Was this “because” thing on the LSSU banned word list this year? Because.) Anyway, our water temperature is back up now. Because wife.

We passed that inspection (because contractor) and now there is another one tomorrow. I think this is the final one, after which the building permits will disappear from the front window. At any rate, I was in a disjointed email/text message storm about the bathroom for a while. I finally got so confused I had to make a phone call but it’s all good. (Has “it’s all good” made the LSSU banned word list yet? Because.)

I made a lunchtime trek over to the bank and the Plum. When is the last time I actually went inside the bank? It was sometime in the fall to get a cashier’s check to pay our renovation contractor. I did not have a hat on that day. Today I made a deposit. As I walked in, there was a sign instructing customers to remove hats and hoods. Um, I had a balaclava (aka hood) on with a hat over it. I had that stuff on because it was cold and windy today and I needed that stuff since I walked over there. I am a rule follower (except when I’m not) but I did not take my hat or my hood off when I entered the bank and I was nervous about whether somebody might confront me about that. They didn’t. I guess they figgered that a baggy old kayak woman like me was not a threat, even though I think my beloved Smartwool balaclava gives me a sort of Voldemort look. Where was Eleanor? She must’ve retired. Sigh. We won’t talk about how I wrote the ABA on my deposit slip instead of the account number. Duh. I DESIGNED an ACH file generation system for my work a couple of years ago. I KNOW the difference between routing numbers (aka ABA numbers) and account numbers. You would not believe how often we discuss ABAs and account numbers at my work. Sigh. I won’t do that again. I snagged a bunch of deposit slips and have already written the account number and name on them.

And the postman rang today. He only rang once. He had a package that needed to be signed for. It was from China. China? What? It was a gift for the GG. One that I had forgotten I ordered and obviously didn’t notice that it was coming from China. The postman also had my paycheck. I was ecstatic. My paycheck has been auto-deposited forever. There’s been a change in ABAs now though (see above), so my last paycheck of 2015 was sent via paper. I was excited (even though we didn’t neeeeeed this paycheck to keep the Landfill afloat) and so was the postman because good news.

Unfortunately, there was a beautiful young woman coming around to collect signatures on a petition for Clean Water. “Thank you for answering the door!” She’s preaching to the choir here and I told her I had already signed. I lied (sorta) and sent her on her way. All you parents out there, please please pretty please, somehow discourage your children from door-to-door soliciting because bad thing.

Best but not last was the UPS guy delivering the beauteous blue glass bowl from Mouse to me for xmas. 💜💜💜

3 Responses to “Telecommuting pandemonium (not a work blahg)”

  1. Tonya Says:

    LOVE that bowl! I *think* I can make something like that in my kiln (after several failures, I’m sure…)

  2. Sam Says:

    I’m with you on door-to-door drop-ins. Love bowl, too; is essence of bowl-ness.

  3. Margaret Says:

    That bowl is INCREDIBLE! The postman didn’t ring twice? Wasn’t there a movie with that title? (or am I confused?) LSSU? It’s all good and I know, right? have made my list for a while. 🙂