Sun column(s)

Since I am working from home for the duration, I walked over to my Thursday Coffee Date at Barry Bagels today. I had already done my 0-skunk-30 neighborhood prowl. On my walk to Barry’s the sun was rising.


And then there was this sun column. I took this photo from the Westgate shopping center and I could see both of my coffee buddies heading into Barry’s at this point.


The next sun column is from the Hotel Ojibway on January 2, 2015. We were up there for Otto’s funeral and it was dern cold. It was not cold this morning so I was kinda wondering why there was a sun column.


I walked over to Barry’s to meet my friends and then I walked back home, picking up a few grokkery items at the Plum along the way. The sun was well above the horizon by then but the scenery was still beautiful. I think the bare branches on the deciduous trees are beautiful at this time of year.


One Response to “Sun column(s)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You got some gorgeous views, and shots!!