Froggy’s Flight t’ th’ Moon, a play by th’ Great Froggy! (That’s me, grok grok)

(grok grok, click here t’ see th’ manyuscrip’)

Cast o’ characters

Star: Meeee! Froggy! The cap’n o’ th’ spaceship.
Co-Star: Mouse: A slightly greater hold on reality than Froggy.
Strong Support: Hissy, Bouncy, Possums, Horsey, Mally, Frilly, Crashfly, Orcasina Aquamarina, Ostrich, Orange Babies, Stuardesses, Cooks, Messengers, Announcers, etc.
Support Stagecrew: The rest of the stuffed aminals.


Froggy: All hands on deck! AAALL HAAAANDS OON DEEECK! That wave (grok grok!) it’s a big one! AAAAAAAAH! Meteor shower ahead!
Mouse: Froggy? This is not a watership, this is not a spaceship, it *is* a cardboard box!
Froggy: Grok grok. Oooooops. Oh yeah, I fer-got, sorry.

Yaknow, Froog, that was a *very* short play.

Well, maybe if y’ coul’ git me a better orchy-stra, instead o’ that stoopid ol’ 2-cent tootler, I c’d make a longer play! ‘n’ I am NOT a drunken sailor. Grok grok Hic!

4 Responses to “Froggy’s Flight t’ th’ Moon, a play by th’ Great Froggy! (That’s me, grok grok)”

  1. mouse Says:

    goodness gracious, i don’t remember this….

  2. frooogy Says:

    Grok grok! Y’ use t’ always put me in a ol’ car’board box in m’ owner’s closet, o’ all places. ‘n’ y’ use t’ always tell me t’ make a stoopid ol’ motorboat sound. ‘n’ I wrote tha’ luverly play in th’ ol’ red van one time on th’ way t’ ol’ Hoton Lake.

  3. Pooh Says:

    So, Mouse, does this bring your total plays read this semester to 38??

  4. Bob Says:

    Gay, Chevy, Renee and thoght Froggy’s play was very… graphic.

    Can’t wat for the next episode.