Twitter play No. 4563.869

@tmotu: I should come up with something to put in your blahg.

@kayakwoman: You’re already in it.

@tmotu: Uh-oh.

Actually, he’s in it a couple times but we’ll start with the fact that I migrated back over to Cubeland today. We won’t talk about the fact that I got about a quarter of the way over to work and had to go back home to pick up the Plum Market bag that had my power strip and other important items in it 🐗. My repositioned cube has a window view but I’m gonna miss being over the wall from W1.5. I’ve been over the wall from him for eight years! I’m now over the wall from Topeka, our lovely new team member. That’ll be fine but I’ll still miss W1.5. I thought I was gonna be across the street from Louie-Louiiiii but turns out he got moved a few cubes down. Close enough. There was nobody across the street from me today because those cubes are not set up yet and there are cables and things dangling down from the ceiling. Plenty of chaos over at Cubeland but I had power in my cube and was therefore able to plug in, boot up and get going.


My team has been trying unsuccessfully to meet for lunch for the last week. It was last Friday that the Queen Bee emailed, “I’m going buggy here” [home]. We finally managed it today and the Queen Bee mentioned that she had seen a beach urchin’s name in the newspaper. I guess we’ll get to that.

It is Friday and that means a walk downtown for cocktails and dinner at the Oscar Tango. Our friend Goose was there tonight with her husband and a friend. They were at a different table, which was good because our table was energized (or was it porterized) with all kinds of polly-tickal ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth. I’m not even talking national polly-ticks. Detroit public schools and Flint water system.


From the OT, we headed over to the Yellow Barn Theatre for a production of that Scottish Play. You know the one. We were not familiar with this intimate venue and didn’t think we would need reservations but darned if it didn’t sell out and we were fortunate to get seats. This was a pay-what-you-can show and we paid the suggested donation, which means we paid $1 more per seat than what it costs to visit Snooty the Manatee. Well worth it in both cases.

At the intermission, I looked down and saw that someone has not learned how to hide their Kleenex. Don’t worry. This situation was mitigated without delay shortly after the perpetrator was alerted.


I will probably be boiled in oil for posting a photo of the play. I swear it is the only one I took. Mouse had a smattering of small roles in the Scottish Play and here she is as one of the weird sisters. Other than this role, I think she murdered one character and played two murder victims and I fergit what else. Oh, and hummed A Space Oddity 💚 And yes, this is the beach urchin that the Queen Bee encountered in the newspaper.


There are more birthdays than I can count today. A beloved cousin, a great-niece, ONC, and MLK. G’night and HB.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m listening to Bowie right now; his songs do get stuck in one’s head. Lots of birthdays this time of year! 🙂