What cat? What bag?

The birthday [damn] cat and the [damn] birthday bag of course. Here are the Beatles. In a way it is fun figuring out who will “out” me first. Today I think it was Chloe Belle on facebook but The Beautiful Mimi may have crossed paths with Chloe. From there I cannot keep track of all the friends and relatives who have wished me happy. I love all of you and it was a good day.

I share My Day with a young cousin (first removed) (and a few other folks). I bet my young cousin is having a more exciting time than I am today but mine was good.

I received this loverly dry wall bucket lid as a gift! It will replace the corrupted lid on my sidewalk salt bucket.


After a morning of errands, chores, and ordering some new blinds for the New and Only Bathroom, Mr. Golden Sun made a rare appearance as we walked downtown for lunch at the Griz.


And we’re at the Griz, where we have reconnected with our fave bartender after her marriage and vacay.


And then we came home and the GG lit a faaaarrrr


And here we are. Janet, Marjory (yes she knew how to fight), meeeee, The Beautiful Mimi, and Carol.


Love y’all. Good day. Daytwa tomorrow, weather permitting. I sooooo hope weather permits.

2 Responses to “What cat? What bag?”

  1. Sam Says:

    Best in all dimensions.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Glad it was such a great birthday!!