Tornado warnings in Manatee County and snow showers here

I follow a lot of entities on Twitter. Including but not limited to: my mother (no, she does not tweet any more), God (but not Justin Bieber), Lake Superior, Pope Francis (Latin version), Edward Snowden, the A2 schools superintendent, Book Riot, the Dexter Bear, the 20 Pound Carp, and Florida Man. And I follow @TWCBreaking. It is silent unless there is something going on. This morning when I woke up at 0-skunk-30 and checked weather and twitter and whatever on my phone, I saw that @TWCBreaking had reported tornado warnings issued for Manatee County in Fla. The Beautiful Suz and Cap’n Ed, brother John and Junior, and Snooty (the Manatee) all live in beautiful Manatee County. They were okay, as I found out on facebook later on. A couple of people died down near Sarasota. Here in Michigan, we were dealing with snow “showers”.

We drove over to Detroit this morning to spend the day with Lizard Breath. It hasn’t been all that long since I’ve seen my lizard and at least we don’t have to fly across the country to see each other any more but winter weather can be challenging. But I loved Detroit when I visited my grandparents there back in the day and I am loving getting to know it in its present form with someone (Funny Grandaddy’s great grandchild) who knows where the heck they are going. Anyway, we had a small but loverly little breakfast at her house. It included bacon. I do not think that Lizard Breath’s parents ate all of the bacon, leaving her with none [wink].


The Piquette Plant museum has been on our list of things to do in Daytwa for a while. Henry Ford’s first factory, if I get it right. It was a great tour (given by a long-time museum board member who owns at least one restored Model T) but I didn’t necessarily absorb all of the information accurately. If you are interested in automotive history, click over (the photos on the website are also better than mine). My dad and brother would LOVE this place!


Here is a modified Model T (roight?) made into a snowmobile. Being a Yooper albeit not a snowmobile aficionado, I had to go back in and photograph this thing.


What isn’t clear on the website is that this building is not heated or air conditioned. It keeps the wind out in the winter but that is about all. We weren’t exactly under-dressed but boy oh boy were we COLD at the end of it all. And the predicted “snow showers” were dumping on us when we left the museum. The roads were snow-covered but not very slippery. We were in the Frog Hopper (AWD), commandeered by Lizard Breath, who is a wonderful driver and also knows her way around Detroit. So she drove us over to Sister Pie. The GG wanted to pick up some hand pies and cookies and things and on the way out I saw this MOUSE!


Alas, in true KW klutzyness, I leaned over a young man who was eating pie underneath the mouse and exclaimed, “Is that a mouse?” WHAT!!?! Um, I didn’t think until after the fact that somebody might think I was talking about a Real Scurry Mouse, like the ones we periodically have to eradicate from The Landfill. But I felt joy in seeing that mouse and I think the young man understood that because he kind of got out of the way for me to take a pic. Maybe some day a much younger person will indulge him in that kind of way 💜.

It had been snowing to beat the band until we walked out of Sister Pie and then it kind of stopped. Snow showers, don’tcha know… So this is just down the street from Sister Pie and the sun is making a weak appearance.


We almost always eat at the Green Dot when we go down to Detroit. We love the Green Dot and its menu of sliders. But. Jeebus. 1.5 hour wait. No, probably not. We went to Ottava Via for pizza instead and it was wonderful. They had a faaaaar going out back but I think we’ll hang out back there some other day because brrrrr.


And then we dropped our Lizard off and drove on home to the Planet over dry roads, thank you very much.

I think I’m gonna take MLK Day off tomorrow. G’night 🐸

2 Responses to “Tornado warnings in Manatee County and snow showers here”

  1. Sam Says:

    V-good to know the bacon-breakfast sagas continue…[wink]….

  2. Margaret Says:

    Lovely time, in spite of the cold and snow. I like looking at it from afar! 🙂