Dooya think I can claim the time I spent printing out work documents at home as work hours?

flowersNot really. It’s kind of a moot question because I’m an exempt employee. Or is it non-exempt? I can never remember the terminology. You get paid for overtime work or you don’t and I don’t but whatever.

Life is still kind of crazy over in Cubeland and all of the printers are lined up on tables in the lunchroom but they are not hooked up to anything, so nobody can print anything at work. Not that we necessarily need to print anything but I often like to make printouts of web pages and/or requirements and/or whatever so I can then write on them with an actual pen during meetings or whatever. I can’t do that right now. In order to get a printout of something, I have to email whatever it is to my personal email address and print it out here at The Landfill. We won’t talk about whether that scenario is secure for the online banking industry but I will point out that I have absolutely no access to anything resembling anything real so…

The cubes “across the street” from me are still empty but some progress was made today. Maybe it had something to do with a certain Hissy Fit that happened yesterday. KP was walking by my cube at the time and she ducked in to “hide”. I loved that KP felt safe in my cube. Mooma duck here. But I was also laughing my you-know-what off at the Hissy Fit. Jeebus.

I printed some stuff here at home tonight. I hope we have a working printer soon. Rocks and a few other folks were working on that today but we’ll see…

P.S. Wishing I was up at the Driftwood tonight.

4 Responses to “Dooya think I can claim the time I spent printing out work documents at home as work hours?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like hard copies of lots of things too! I don’t always trust cyber space, OR MY MEMORY. 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    as you know I moved into a new building in early Dec. the printer for our area is here, and has been here since the start. however they didn’t install any electrical outlet or network connection when they were putting up the walls. so for several weeks it sat there. then electricity showed up and it’s plugged in now, although still no network connection. so you can make a copy now, but that’s it. I was cracking up when a couple construction guys came around with blueprints, looked at the location, looked at the wall behind the printer, looked at the location on the blueprints again and said ‘were we supposed to know about that?’ luckily our company is big enough that there are other printers around that we can use. 😉

  3. Paulette Attie Says:

    “…so I can then write on them with an actual pen during meetings or whatever.” The pen is still mightier than the keyboard. Have you been following the discussions about note taking by hand vs. keyboard for note taking? Pen in hand has it hands down!

  4. Pooh Says:

    And don’t forget doodling!