Flirting at Knight’s under a full (fool?) moon

I think I have posted about this before but somehow when the GG is not in town to snag a table at the Oscar Tango on a Friday night, the whole walking downtown to the Oscar Tango thing does not work out. For a few years, I could use some of these off-Fridays to snag some Mouse-time but Mouse is working a couple of jobs nowadays plus all of the other stuff Mouse does and the only time I have seen her since xmas (I think but could be fer-getting something) is last Friday night when we watched her in Macbeth and I got a quick (but more than adequate) hug after the show. (Which is okay, if Mouse gets around to reading Abby in the near future. Love you ANYWAY!) (I’m gonna find aNOTHER mother. -Mouse at about age two. Always smarter than all of the rest of us.)

This is all okay. For one thing, I am happy enough hanging out at my own beauteous landfill alone but I also figgered that our friends of Porterization might like to hang out with company (me?) at our fave neighborhood pub aka Knight’s Steakhouse. And so we did. You know I walked. I didn’t have to suit up too terribly much but I did need double-stuff on my head and my ski jacket. I did NOT need boots or YakTrax (thank you weather gods). I tried to talk about layering and walking outside at 0-skunk-30 with a woman in the bathroom at the end of the night. She was lovely but she didn’t really understand the concept of going outside in the winter other than the occasional snow-mo trip. Sigh…

I think that Knight’s is about the only bar/restaurant in town that lets people stack up hip deep at the bar while they are waiting for their table. It is a fun fun fun friendly environment in which we almost always start talking to somebody at the bar. Tonight I ordered drinks for me and my Friends of Porterization. It’s a long story but there was a minor kerfuffle when our table was unexpectedly ready before we received the cocktails we ordered at the bar and that is what got me talking to the guys at the bar. It all worked out and we had a wonderful dinner and I had a *loverly* walk home under the same beautiful full moon that guided me *to* the restaurant.

2 Responses to “Flirting at Knight’s under a full (fool?) moon”

  1. Sam Says:

    Ah, to see the full moon. Our weather is…less clear….

  2. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a great evening! I would like to see the moon, if the skies would ever clear. *sigh*