That warm fuzzy sunburnt kinda feeling

We did have a lot of sun today. Until about 2:30 or so when Lizard and I walked over to the Plum with sunglasses on and then, when we got back, the sun had disappeared. It’s okay. I got enough sun to get that loverly tired kinda burned feeling. Of course I also walked a lot today. I took myself down to the river for a walk around noon.

I don’t really think I look like a birdwatcher birder but a young couple had spied the hawk-like entity in the pic below (can you see it? embiggen it) and stopped me to ask what it was. Not an owl, they thought. No, not an owl. Hawk? I thought hawk too but I could not for a bazillion bucks tell you *which* hawk. By the way, this is my fave tree down at Barton Dam. Also, I was called a Troll today. That’s not totally accurate but I played along.


I came home from my hike and scuttled around pre-making dinner(s) because people were coming over. Mouse was the first to arrive, then MiaPet and her fairy godmother.


And then the Guest of Honor arrived. That would be npJane. As it turned out, Liz and I were over at the Plum Market when she arrived. We are such good hosts! 🐗 But we’re all family so it’s all good. As we walked back up the street to the Landfill, we knew that she had arrived because we could see her loverly new blue vee-hickle! Alas, I didn’t get a pic of this vee-hickle but I did find a pic of her last new vee-hickle. One in which my dad and brother were checking out the engine. This took place in the moomincabin “parking lot” and after they checked out npJane’s then new vee-hickle, they checked out every single other vee-hickle in the lot, including Jay and Carl’s rental car. I have a series of pics of this event but I’ll just post this one and I will note that this is an Ugly. It does not show any of these people in their best light.


Good sunny [mostly] day and time spent with beach urchins and cousin. Love.

One Response to “That warm fuzzy sunburnt kinda feeling”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sun is very therapeutic and so is walking or other exercise. I haven’t been doing as much as I should because of RAIN. I go for my run, but then end up staying inside afterward because there isn’t much else to be done. I love the photo of everyone peering at the engine. It reminds me of Patt who always had to inspect that part of the car, especially if it wasn’t running right.