Good morning America, how are you?

rockyDon’t you know me, I’m your native son neighborhood raccoon.

Walking in the dark. Something was moving a few feet away. Hello! Cat? Skunk? Rabbit? What? It was this guy climbing up that tree. Or maybe gal? Big raccoon. Pregnant? Maybe. Not sure. I stopped in my tracks and slowly pulled out my iPhone. Could I get this critter before it skedaddled? It did skedaddle but then it peeked it’s little face back around and there you go. And, by the way, do not travel above 25mph on Duncan Street because that’s the speed limit.

It’s fun when your young adult children and you get little glimpses into some of the things you probably didn’t know happened when they were children.

There are two events — that I remember — that I am not sure I *ever* told my parents. One was when my friend Helen’s older sister Grace Anne drove us up to Searchmont to ski. Along a twisty, windy, often snowy road (google Searchmont Ontario). The roads were sunny and dry on the day we were traversing this route but, going home, we somehow left the road onto an ice-covered lake. We were all okay. A log truck pulled us back onto the road and there was no damage to the vee-hickle, which was an OLD 1957 Buick. I didn’t tell my parents what happened that day. I don’t know if Helen and Grace Anne ever told their parents. Sadly, Grace Anne is no longer with us. I don’t regularly communicate with Helen but we are facebook friends, so I know how to get hold of her.

And then there was the time I was a new driver and I got into a bit of a pickle with my grandmother’s old Ford Fairlane down by “the pond”. I needed to turn around for some reason and The Gate was still there and in backing around to turn around, I backed [very slowly] into a fencepost. It left a wee bit of damage to a tail light and my parents were flummoxed about how that could have happened. I lay low even when they called the police! I was TERRIFIED! Yeek! (Even though the police had no clue.) They will never let me drive again! But they did. Even after my only accident ever (knock on wood) when I was 17.

Well, actually, maybe I did tell about this “horrible accident”. At some point, I think I blahgged about it. My brother was still alive at the time and I think he commented that the parents always blamed him for that wee bit of damage to the tail light. I know that he didn’t do it because he was too young to drive when that happened. 💚

Guinea Pig poop? Whatever 🐸

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  1. Margaret Says:

    What a cute raccoon face, although I know that they’re vicious animals! I kept secrets from my parents, but not many and not very important ones.