Chair kings (and queens) of data drive

trucksThe highlight of the day was the delivery of New Chairs! Wazoo!!! We didn’t think that New Chairs would be a part of our recent office renovation. We were *told* we would not get New Chairs. It wasn’t in the budget yada yada (sorry moom). Today the Chairy Godfather blessed us with new chairs. I cannot tell you how much excitement surrounded this event. King Louie-Louii sat in the middle of Our Street *in* his chair for quite some time after it was delivered, surrounded by supplicants harassers.

In the short number of years I’ve been at my job (eight) the chairs have been an issue. My cube chair was always fine but for all of those years, whenever I’ve gone to a meeting, the challenge is to not find a Demon Drop chair. Like you sit in the chair and the seat drops down suddenly and your eyes are level with the table.

New Chairs were exciting for a lot of folks today but it was New Neighbors that made my day. I’ve been happy with my new cube over at Cubeland. I’ve moved around the corner, sorta. I can see out a window from my cube. I am not across the street from my manager but that’s okay because she knows where I am. For the last couple weeks, the cubes across the street from me have been empty and filled with junk. A certain Hissy Fit finally got things going across the street and today the QA team moved in. Man oh man, I love having those folks across the street from me. It’s not that the business systems analyst and research teams are not capable of fun conversation or hi-jinks but we are geeks and we can run out of conversation pretty quickly. I can’t explain this exactly and you don’t wanna know. But I am now living on the “party” street. The one where people are serious about doing their jobs but go out of their way to have fun. Plus now, when the QA folks have questions, I am right there on their street!

New chair at work and new chair at home. And utility trucks across the street. But we do have power and internet so I dunno what’s going on.

2 Responses to “Chair kings (and queens) of data drive”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Great news! I need a new chair at work and at home, but the prospects for both are doubtful. Alison is now a cubicle worker and tells me stories about her co-workers. It’s a special kind of environment; I would probably thrive on it, but parts of it sound annoying, like one new lady near to Alison who laughs like a hyena every couple of minutes.

  2. Sam Says:

    The current excess of utility trucks/crews in our neighborhood is linked to G__gle fiber’s pending arrival (six months? Dunno when). The latest wave were guys (saw no females) trimming vegetation where the lines will be strung. Also something is underway underground, or will be, as we have multicolored stripes of paint on the pavement, grass, and sidewalks, sometimes with decoding letters, e.g., ATT, AGL (latter: Atlanta Gas Light).