Where Demon Drop Chairs go to die

poleI wanted to blahg about blahgging today. I got over to Barry’s to meet MMCB2 and I was a wee bit early [miraculously], so I opened up my email and there was a message from MMCB1. That was a wee bit odd because I expected her to walk in the door any moment but it turns out it was about blahgging or actually journaling in general (google Charley Kempthorne, very interesting person).

Just then MMCB2 arrived and I mentioned that I received the email and an interesting discussion ensued about blahgging and other social media. They both know that I have a blahg but they don’t read it, at least I don’t think they do. Or if they do, not regularly. Which is fine for a couple reasons. The first is that I see them all the time and we *do* know each others* business, even sometimes stuff we don’t tell most other people [snort] and I *certainly* don’t post on my blahg, and the second is that I am well aware that reading my blahg is almost always pretty much the equivalent of watching paint dry on most days, especially lately. Except for when things happen, oh, you know, like great big trees fall down and such.

Anyway, I wanted to do a post about blahgging today but I really didn’t have much time to sit down and write out my thoughts, let alone turn them into something that might *not* be like watching paint dry. The thing is, I don’t usually get around to writing my blahg these days until after work and a few chores and often a short walk (to boost my steps up over 15K) and by then the GG is home and we are talking about our respective days (or arguing if it’s one o’ *those* days) or whatever and I am distracted even on the best of days.

demondropAs it was, on top of everything else, we dropped the Ninja off for scheduled maintenance tonight and that was delayed by the GG’s attendance at a retirement party at which the guest of honor was “late”, which probably doesn’t matter to the retiree (why should it?) but it mattered to meeeee because I had to go pick up the GG after he dropped off the Ninja and I couldn’t really start dinner until we got home and we couldda gone out to eat but we are gonna be eating out a LOT this weekend [folk festival] so eating out tonight didn’t quite seem like the right thing. Don’tcha love that long sentence? And it was snowing but since it was in the mid-30s, it wasn’t slippery in any way shape or form but it still made traffic slow and crazy as hell.

So we’re home and salmon is in the oven and rice is on the stove and salad is hanging out on the counter and all y’all are stuck with images from my work today. The top one is the cube next to mine. It has a POLE in it. This is a good thing. Don’t ask why [shame on you 🐸]. It also has a PRINTER in it now. Not one that I have been able to connect to yet although for a long time in another life, it was the ONLY printer I could connect to. It’s okay. The only printer I can connect to NOW is far enough away that I get approximately 150 steps going over there and back to pick up a printout so it’s all good. The QA party team also scavenged some other furniture, as you can see. There is a table for Louie-Louii’s Keurig coffee maker (that he won playing euchre at a company-sponsored casino-type event a few years ago) and any Baked Goods that people might be inclined to bring in.

And finally, the second pic is where Demon Drop Chairs go to die. Such innocent looking chairs. Do NOT be fooled!💀

* Each others business? Each others’ business? Each other’s business? Grammar mavens? 🐸

3 Responses to “Where Demon Drop Chairs go to die”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Definitely an apostrophe because it’s a possessive. Each other is a singular so I think ‘s. That looks my school chair and it is NOT innocent. It has no arm rests though, and likes to sink down when I don’t want it to. Maybe I need to lose weight??

  2. Pooh Says:

    Those chairs look like they’re up to no good. Possibly starting a flash mob.

  3. Sam Says:

    I’m with Pooh—that’s a photo of furniture trouble a’brewing.