January sunset

It’s Folk Festival weekend. Tonight the GG’s date is our own beautiful daughter Lizard Breath. I left work early enough for once today that I didn’t feel like I was scrambling to get downtown in time to eat with the folk festival attendees.

I took a chance about walking through Miller Woods on my way downtown. There were a few places where I wished I had YakTrax and/or a hiking pole but I made it through without incident and it was so beautiful.


I met up with the GG and Liz at the Red Hawk and here is a pic of my beautiful kiddo wearing a Yooper hat, borrowed from her dad, the dad who wasn’t born a Yooper but has certainly earned his status as one, given all of the times he helped The Commander out with things and his work with our beloved North Country Trail friends up there. Clap for him.


I walked outta the Red Hawk and, as I turned south onto Liberty at State, I saw this beautiful sunset view. I didn’t see anyone else take pictures of it. I do not know why.


This view was the beginning of my beautiful walk home. My phone proclaimed that it was 6:11 PM. The sun is traveling north again and so the north shall rise again.

Love you all,

One Response to “January sunset”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s staying light later here,but still pitch black at that time in the Great North of WA. But we are definitely gaining a lot of light! I can never capture sunset or sunrise photos very well.