The Grumpy and Cranky Show

banner1Who? Yer fav-o-rite blahgger? aka Little Miss Sunshine? Well, my eye, and if The Commander is tuning in from the other side, she is gathering lightning bolts at this moment (but not for the same reason as my grandfather is and I’ve heard tell that he could be a lot scarier than The Comm albeit never to me).

Yes, I was grumpy and cranky today. I heard the GG tell our guest (his beautiful sister Lizard Breath), “She’s crabby!” I was! Not because of any of the people in my house though, well, except when the GG tried to “help” me with an ongoing prodject after gruffly rejecting my “help” on a prodject *he* was doing. Eating my words [ulp] his interference actually *did* help me. I was just annoyed. I can’t really tell you much about my prodject except that about the only *good* thing about it is that I got to walk over to Staples (in the rain) to buy a small packet of filing-related supplies. I miss office supply stores. They were once regularly on my “beat” back in my non-profit org admin days. These days I do without paper if at all possible (and paper is one of the things I do NOT miss buying). Still. Is anyone else as big an office supply aficionado as I am? (And jeebus, it took some doing for this spelling geek to get rid of the wiggly line under “aficionado”!)

banner2He apparently thought that I hadn’t had enough of him this weekend though 🐗, especially since he was out two nights in a row with different lovely ladies. We’ll just call them LB. But. Did I want to go to the Tractor Supply store? Uuhhhh, not really. Nothing against the Tractor Supply in particular. Just that I am a flinger, don’tcha know. Most stores nauseate me. Oh, not the Plum. I was there twice today. The second time, I carefully chose a different cashier but I ended up with the same bagger and hilarity that I could not describe if I tried ensued. But the Tractor Supply? Oh, we’ll just be there for a few minutes. I just need some hooks (or whatever it was). Yeah. I made a couple circuits of the store. I perused the large stuffed horses and did a quick scan of the clothing department. I did not look for the dog cages. I need to get rid of one of those. I finally said, “I’m going out to the Frog Hopper to sit and do the xword.” And I did. 50 degrees? No need for heat.

It was all okay. After the Tractor Supply we went driving around on the back roads of Washtenaw County. We both *love* to do that and it helped me slodge through this warm ugly rainy last day of January. It was beautiful in its own way but I couldn’t see that for a really long time because I was busy starring in the Grumpy and Cranky show.

That pay phone pic from the first floor Rackham bathroom yesterday? I’ve figured out that I take a picture of that thing EVERY year. I *think* it works but I have to admit I haven’t tried it. Maybe next year, I will try to remember to bring a quarter (?) with me and call my iPhone with it. Probably more fun is the phone booth on the shores of Gitchee Gumee. I have a photo of that somewhere although I almost *never* visit it (alas). I think that phone probably does work over POTS because most people don’t have cell service in that area.

Anyway, I am babbling. Love all y’all,

2 Responses to “The Grumpy and Cranky Show”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We are allowed to have our cranky and grumpy moods because otherwise we would be like robots or Stepford Wives. I don’t enjoy working myself out of a bad mood, but I’ve had a lot of practice in the past 5 years or so and I like to think that it’s stretched me as a person. Keep on keeping on, KW!

  2. Sam Says:

    C&G—a variant of winter doldrums? Sending a friendly cyber-boost your way!