The cake is a lie

sunnyskyI have been time traveling in many ways recently. Some of this travel is ugly and non-internet-able, although I am finally (after both parents’ deaths, as their only living child) able to face it all with the intelligence and cynical sense of humor that my DNA seems to have blessed me with.

But what the heck?! This morning I was sitting in my cube and the LSCHP came in and I heard him talking about portals. I mean the kind of portals where you escape a room through one and get catapulted into another room according to some algorithm…

I don’t always insert myself into work conversations unless I absolutely know that folks are heading down an incorrect path and I have the facts to sort it out. I do insert myself into truly fun convos. I almost never insert myself into water cooler discussions about TV shows* or sporting events or video games. I couldn’t suppress myself today. Um, didn’t the LSCHP describe this game about a gazillion years ago? Yes, I was thinking he did. How long ago? I dunno. I have been there for more than eight years. Before he became our Benevolent Despot, the LSCHP used to talk about some game about portals during meetings way back when. Today I heard him talking about some siren (or whatever) enticing him with a party at the end, with cake and everything. At that point, I knew how it was gonna end. The cake is a lie. (Anyone know that portal/cake is a lie game?)

*TV shows? We are watching the 6th season of Downton Abbey when it is broadcast every Sunday night. We watched the rest via Apple TV or whatever. We have watched as much of Twin Peaks and Fargo as we could get our mitts on and we wanted more, violence be damned. After those, we struggled to find something that both of us would like and we are now watching Shameless. We’ve generally been watching the Brit version. Last night we accidentally tuned in to the American-ized one. We prefer the Brit version but it might be interesting to eventually watch both.

The cake is a lie but love y’all anyway,

P.S. Me? I’m playing a blasted cat yard game on my phone, thanks to my daughter 🐱💩

One Response to “The cake is a lie”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cat yard game? That sounds intriguing. I am watching Downton too. I know I could pirate it, but it gives me something to look forward to Sunday night. 🙂