Parental guidance suggested aka no thigh gap here

oldtownladyIt’s not me. I don’t have a thigh gap according to the strict definition and I could be a lot thinner (and younger and richer and blonder) but no way on earth do I have the beautiful thunder-thighs, etc. that this woman has. They just plain don’t happen in the Fin Fam and my legs seem to have received that DNA. This is a painting at the Old Town Barrooom, where we go every Friday we’re in town and aren’t at the folk festival and no one has an entire arm in a goddamn neural block etc., etc. [snort] It is a barroooom but it is also a family-friendly restaurant at least before 9PM or whatever and so people of all ages see this pic. Or ignore it or whatever. Like I usually do except when the dern GG texts it to me…

We were kinda thinking of driving up to Houghton Lake tonight. I was reeeeeealllly reluctant for reasons I can’t even totally explain to myself let alone to y’all. I love to go north but I *hate* driving up there on Friday during the rush hour or even a couple hours before it. Yeah, we used to do that when we were young. I’m just taaaarrred of it now. I miss the days when I was unemployed (by choice) and we could drive up there whenever we wanted to, since the GG had umpteen gazillion hours of paid time off. As much as I miss those relatively carefree days, I like money a lot too. To work and have money or to not work and have carefree time to take road trips. Hard choices.

I was grumpy and cranky about going north (I have been grumpy and cranky a lot this week but don’t worry, it’s because I am revisiting an ugly, extremely painful time in my life and sorting a few unblahggable things out) but I packed my suitcase and left it by the door *anyway*. And then, halfway through the day, the GG texted me asking if I really wanted to go north. Well, duh. No. But I packed, roight? I called. He was having second thoughts. I was totally undecided. Feeling bad about being so grumpy and cranky. Wanting to go north but wanting to stay down here. For various reasons, we ended up staying down here on The Planet Ann Arbor, where we walked down to be powterized at the Old Town. Of all things, we are talking about hitting up the farmers market tomorrow morning. We are usually on hiatus during the winter. Mostly because it doesn’t open until 8 and I like to get there around 7 but we’ll work that out. I miss the farmers market so much.

G’night, KW

P.S. Book recommendation of the evening: Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry. Yes it’s a children’s (apostrophe correctly placed?) book but it’s a good one!

3 Responses to “Parental guidance suggested aka no thigh gap here”

  1. GG Says:

    Hmmm… much better today. This week… “I have been grumpy and cranky a lot this week but don’t worry,” —> Shrew; Turbulent; Termagant… Hmmm… much better today.

    The picture of the woman would not have been so thunder-thighish if I had stood off the the right when taking the snap-shot.

    The OTT Chronology

    1860s: Buildings on the west side of Liberty were constructed by harness makers, Adam and Anton Schaeberle, along with German masons.
    1870: John G. Laubengayer opened a flour and feed store.
    1898: John Berger opened a saloon called “the Bismark
    1917: The business was sold to William Seagert, who dodged Prohibition by selling home brewing products, “near beer” and bitters.
    1935: Property was sold to Richard Kearns and became known as “the Union Bar”
    1972: George Merkel sold the bar, named “Merkel’s Friendly Corner” to Jerry Pawlicki
    1972: Jerry Pawlicki undertook an extensive renovation of the bar, building the bar, bar cabinets, tables and booths himself. He laid the hardwood floor and preserved the original tin ceiling. Upon reopening, the bar was christened the “Old Town Tavern”
    1998: The business was passed to Jerry’s sons, Chris and Steve

  2. Margaret Says:

    The GG has a great vocabulary for cranky women. 😉 Hoping that those unbloggable stresses get resolved, as much as they can be anyway.

  3. l4827 Says:

    We had a good ol’ “dog-gone-time” there at the OT. By the way, is that dog gone? She definitely would be able to provide her usual assistance to serve her fellow exiting barroom patron companion …