What did you do this weekend? I walked to the Plum Market 15 times. What did you do?

Okay, not 15 times but I will admit to five, seven if you count Friday but not sure I feel like counting Friday as a weekend day even though I did not work on Friday. Do I plan ahead or what? Yes, no, and sorta. I *was* annoyed at myself for having to make a Bacon Run on Saturday morning since I had considered buying bacon during my Friday afternoon trip and chose NOT to. What the heck was I thinking?

Anyway, “we” were quite sleepy today (but “we” are doing well and I think the sleepiness is a good thing) so I took us on an extended River Ride. We ended up as far north as the cute little burg of Hamburg, which is not really all that far north, then headed back down south. Lots of s-l-o-w back road driving, which is one of our favorite things to do when we can’t be hiking or maybe in conjunction with a hiking expotition. And so we were driving down Merrill Road when we came to this decision point.


This is a randomly okay pic considering that I was doing a point-and-shoot with my iPhone out zee veendshield of the Frog Hopper but if you zoom in, you will see what road we randomly came upon on our meanderings. I couldn’t linger long enough to get a better pic because another vee-hickle came up behind us.


Another random shot from our Valentine’s Day meanderings, this time I rolled down my driver’s side window, so not the best but if you embiggen, you may see the birdy type critters carved into that old tree stump.


Things are going well here and I enjoyed the sleepiness, thank you very much. It gave me some time to work on my email cataloging prodject. And now my mouse is here to do laundry and help make a faaarrrr and take advantage of our copy of Turbotax. I have to note that she is merely using our software to do her own taxes. We do not do our children’s taxes and NEVER have. I do not even know how much money they make. Actually, I could not give you anything but a a ball park figure of my own salary at any given moment. My kids handle their own money very well without any intervention from me and I don’t feel that it is my business to meddle. Therefore, I have a hard time understanding why any parent would insist on doing their children’s taxes.

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day birthday to my beautiful mother-in-law Grandma Sally, who died in 1994. Mother of 10, a couple of whom have joined her and Grandpa Garth in heaven. Miss them all. What a good family to have married into!

2 Responses to “What did you do this weekend? I walked to the Plum Market 15 times. What did you do?”

  1. Sam Says:

    Ah, another bacon tale…. Love that carved tall-stump. I’m very glad we have an accountant do our taxes; I would not want to take the time/energy to figure out depreciation rates for certain business expenses (among other things). Happy V!

  2. Margaret Says:

    You did marry into a great family and it sounds like a lovely day. That last picture is postcard worthy! I hate any mention of taxes this time of year because I still am waiting on a number of UBS statements before I can do a d*mn thing. At least I won’t be in Korea the first week of April like I was last year. THAT was stressful.