Tubbsed again

catyardTwitter play:

Setting (@kayakwoman): geeking and hot-rodding around the back roads of southern lower Michigan in the Ninja with the GG and an onboard diagnostics device and associated iPhone app.

Setting (@mouseleen): wherever Mouse was at the moment, probably her apartment

@mouseleen: [sends pic of current cat yard showing Tubbs]

@kayakwoman: [sends pic of current cat yard showing Tubbs]

@mouseleen: Ha!! Straight from my yard into yours 🙂

@mouseleen [minutes later with another pic]: And straight back to mine!!!!!!

Yes, it’s that cat yard game. Its official name is Neko Atsume if anyone is frothing at the mouth to download it. All I can say is that we’ve come a long way from the days I sat around The Commander’s hoosegow room playing Angry Birds to while away the time. I even downloaded it to *her* iPhone when she was incarcerated in the long term care facility for rehab but although she was interested at first, I’m not sure she got very far through the Angry Birds levels.

I got to one Angry Birds level that I could NOT for the life of me get past. Eventually an update came through with the message, “Having trouble with a level? Try again.” Indeed and I did get past it after that update.

Cat yard is not anything like Angry Birds. It does not, as near as I can figger out, require any skill whatsoever. You put food and toys out in your yard and cats come to eat and play with the toys. Or not. Or Tubbs comes and eats all the dern food.

This game causes a wee bit of stress in my life. The problem is that I cannot keep up with it. I forget to feed the cats and they go away. I know that if I open up the game and feed the cats, they’ll come back. Aside from Tubbs, there seem to be no penalties in this game. No levels to beat. In a way it’s a kind of a world-building game, like the old Sims game we had on our long-dead big ugly Mac (before the Strawberry iMac so it’s a long time ago). Except sometimes the Sims got sad or angry or whatever. I never actually played the game but I was bustling around the ugly old Landfill Chitchen while the middle school kids did and I could recognize the Sad Music (kids, am I remembering this accurately?). In the cat yard game nobody ever seems to get sad. They even leave me little gifts sometimes (no, not squirrel legs). I guess this is a *cat* yard.

Okay, MacMullan Blindside alert: the GG just electrified me (not literally) with the statement that he DROVE to the Village Kitchen for breakfast today. Folks, when I-e-I-e-I was a one-handed driver, I did NOT drive the Ninja. Two fully functioning hands are needed to drive the Ninja. It is a stick shift! I’m sure he managed [insert ancient stories about driving up and down Woodward Ave/Blvd. doing multiple things (some of them not internet-able even after all these years) while operating a vee-hickle]. I am happy that he decided to abandon the idea to walk downtown and back [two miles] but I will definitely be driving the Ninja tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Tubbsed again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not into games, but that sounds like one I might like-not ultra competitive and full of levels. I get easily frustrated and give up, like I did with Angry Birds. Many years ago, my dad broke his ankle, not just a break, but a surgical one that rolled all the tendons outside his ankle(he was playing basketball and stepped off the edge of the concrete); it was a terrible sight. Anyway, with a cast on his right foot, he wasn’t supposed to drive, but he couldn’t stand being a passenger while my mom drove. She’s not the best driver and her merging on the freeway makes my blood run cold.

  2. Sam Says:

    He is a Manly Man. They Tempt Fate. (And, kinda, we love them for it.)