Toxic waste removal

sickensSo, cat yard nightmares anyone? I can haz them, not that I want them. My early morning REM dreams today? For some godforsaken reason, I agreed (for a split second) to foster abandoned cats. IN MY HOUSE!!! WHAT??? It actually wasn’t my house. I’m not sure what version of whose house it was. What I do remember is that twin cats kept turning up (yes, really) and I was thinking something like, “I need some cages.” And so I was trying to think where to buy aminal cages so I was googling and PetSmart (or whatever it is) was way the heck out on the far side of Ypsilanti, so I was thinking I could find aminal cages at Meijer (or maybe Tarjay) and then I was trying to figger out where those places were and I couldn’t. And then squirrels and things started to show up and I was thinking that those critters were wildlife and there was no reason that I should have to shelter them. At that point, my dream was weird enough that I made myself wake up. (Ever do that?)

Somewhere I have a loverly pic of a big fat feral cat sitting atop one of our birdhouses. Our late neighbor Burke sent it to us back in the day. I could not find it today. I hope I didn’t fling it. I don’t *think* I did. But. Looking for that pic, I found today’s pic of the “sickens” we had in our house as a girl scout prodject.

My loverly friend Eileen was our fearless leader at the time and she dreamed up this prodject. Her husband actually called up the city to ask if they could stop the prodject somehow. He did not want chickens in his house. Can we arrest her? The city told him that if it was a two-week girl scout prodject, they wouldn’t do anything about it. So, we all got two chicks but I ended up with four because one of the kids had a family aminal situation that wasn’t conducive to the health of the chicks aka Attack Dog and I think there was also a cat.

I won’t detail the rest of this prodject except to say that having chickens in a laundry basket in my house for a couple weeks gave me a persistent smell. I wasn’t sure if the smell was stuck in my nose or if I was exuding it for the displeasure of anyone in line with me at the Westgate Kroger checkout counter.

I made Eileen a chicken bolo tie thingy in honor of that girl scout prodject.

2 Responses to “Toxic waste removal”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cat yard nightmares? I have had some weird nightmares,but they don’t usually involve cats. Usually bears trying to get into the house. I am terrified of bears.

  2. Sam Says:

    My weird nightmares at approximately the same time had to do with tent-camping somewhere on the Georgia coast (sandy) with our neighbors who live across the street. Which we have never done in real life.