Bigger than a breadbox but smaller than a mailbox

breadboxesThis phrase was used at work to describe a proposed enhancement to our product. It means something like: 1) we can’t just design a cheap-and-dirty solution for this piece of functionality because we need to write up some Business Rules but… 2) we aren’t adding a whole new huge, well, something, to our product. I dunno if that made any sense or not. Probably not, but bear with me.

We talk about “bigger than a breadbox” all the time at work (we all kinda know what that means) but this is the first time that “mailbox” has entered into the discussion. I got the point but I kept thinking something like, “I have breadboxes in my basement that are bigger than my mailbox.” And then I got kind of fixated on those beautiful old Cfam breadboxes. I’m not sure how they ended up in the Landfill Dungeon but probably the GG snagged them from the Woodsboro house in Royal Oak when his parents sold it and moved full-time to Crazy Old Florida. At that time, Lizard Breath was our only child and she was only a year old and we hadn’t yet collected the massive amount of crapola that I have spent the last 10 years flinging.

Anyway, I couldn’t get “breadboxes” out of my head today and whether or not they are bigger or smaller than mailboxes, I started thinking about the breadboxes in my basement. What should we do with them? It seems stupid to let them sit down there and rust forever. I was kind of thinking maybe they should go up to the Cfam cabin at Houghton Lake. But then I thought maybe they would actually work in the Landfill Chitchen in some way. Like maybe I could put them on that cute little red shelf unit I bought cheap on the internet. Alas, they don’t work on that little shelf unit. Why? Because they do not FIT on that cute little shelf unit.

Actually, I like the look of that cute little shelf unit but I’m not sure if it is working out. Or maybe I just haven’t figgered out what to put on the shelves yet. It was a cheapie (as The Commander used to say) so I took a chance. I will keep working on it and/or looking for a different shelf unit.

The breadboxes? I dunno. I’m not sure I want to take them to Houghton Lake just yet. I still think they might “work” in my kitchen but not sure where. That said, they are Cfam artifacts and if anyone in that family wants them and will *use* them (and not just add them to a basement collection), they are here. (You may have to duke it out with the GG to get them…) One thing I will not do with them is take them down to the Kiwanis dropoff.

Love y’all, KW

3 Responses to “Bigger than a breadbox but smaller than a mailbox”

  1. gr8gerty Says:

    They look beautiful, only one of them seem familiar to me the one with the smaller flowers. You could try making a shelf on that cart using a slab of marble or a few large stone tiles or ceramic tiles from a home remodeling store. Yes, they are beautiful examples from an era gone by. I wonder if they show up on any of the slides of Sally and Garths, a few of the slides did not get scanned, they were skipped because I was so tired.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Those are very artistic bread boxes,and obviously very special. I never get rid of anything meaningful, but sometimes I do repurpose it. 😉

  3. Pooh Says:

    Maybe they need to take a special trip to your work, for the next “bigger than a…” meeting.