Yeah okay, let’s rally off the bottom

howlingFirst of all, what a faaarrr drill day. We have had a network of cracks in zee Frog Hopper’s veeeeendsheeeld for two years. It cracked in the cold during the 2014 Polar Vortex. The cracks were all on the passenger side and didn’t obscure vision and we have been ignoring them. Zee Ninja’s veeeendsheeeeld has never had even one teensy tinesy crack until I faaarrred it up Tuesday morning. There was a scary-looking crack that covered probably 3/4 of zee veeeeendheeeld. As I was driving to work I noticed that it had gotten WORSE! EEEK EEEK EEK EEK! (Anyone remember that cheesy old “ghost” story/joke about zee veeendsheeeld vipers?)

I did not like the looks of the Ninja’s crack. I said, “I want it fixed”. So, “we” scheduled BOTH vee-hickles for replacement veeeeendsheeeelds today. I could not quite wrap my brain around this arrangement. I’m not sure why. I AM NOT SENILE!!!!! !!! Basically, the GG dropped the Frog Hopper off this morning. Or was it the Ninja? No, it was the Frog Hopper. I drove the Ninja to work this morning. Later in the morning, I got a text “swap cars”. I drove the Ninja over to the glass place and was puzzled. Where was the GG? And then… Oh! Duh! I don’t need the damn GG to be present to swap vee-hickles at a glass place. I just need to park the Ninja, take the keys inside and exchange them for the Frog Hopper keys and drive the Frog Hopper back to work. Duuuuuhhhh. Man, was that glass place busy!

It was “hot” (60) and sunny down south today and I bagged work at about 2:00 so we could get ahead of the rush hour traffic heading north outta the Planet Ann Arbor and the Weekend Warriors (like us) who are heading up to the Great White North. We have not been out of town except for day trips since we went up to Iggy to hike with our NCT buddies at the beginning of December. We haven’t been to Houghton Lake since November. I was ready.

handIt is warm (for February) here too but man oh man, what a drive. It was a windy day from the get-go and I was feeling a wee bit of wind early on and then we were somewhere south of West Branch and I said to the GG, “It seems like the wind has died down.” But then. A few miles farther north, I had to hang on to the steering wheel to keep the dern car on the road. We worry about snow driving in the winter around these parts but we forget that sometimes even when the pavement is perfectly dry (like today) rain or wind or whatever can still make driving difficult.

I drove mostly because I like to but also because the GG’s hand is still healing from his hand surgery. He got rid of his big ugly wrap yesterday and obtained this elegant removable splint. He took this photo and I have his permission to post it. He took some rather more gory photos that I will not post. Actually I haven’t even seen them, although Doc L showed me one photo in the post-op fambly consult room. At any rate, the GG’s surgery required more and larger incisions than the one stitch incision they did to put the screw into Titanium Pinky. He is healing well and I want that to continue so I don’t want him to overdo anything.

Anyway, I was thinking I would walk down to the point and back when we got here today but it was raining and the wind was HOWLING and my brain made the executive decision that my body would bag that walk. It will have to be a low-mileage day. I am close to 13K steps. That will have to do. It was a travel day and that’s how travel days can be.

Love y’all and wish you were here,

4 Responses to “Yeah okay, let’s rally off the bottom”

  1. Margaret Says:

    13K in one day? You are amazing! Glad you got out of town and survived the wind. It’s a bit windy and VERY RAINY here. Blech.

  2. gr8gerty Says:

    Thanks for the handy photo, I was wondering what it would look like, happy healing.

  3. Sam Says:

    No slouch if 13K steps. Seriously. V glad the surgical damage is healing handily.

  4. Pooh Says:

    We could have a family photo of various pinky splints. ;-0