Manton, Marion, Mesick, and Fife Lake

An absolutely gorgeous day, aside from being awoken by an “amber alert” at 2AM. A quick and dirty google/mlive search turns up inconclusive (and maybe horrific) information in this case but I remain puzzled by why anyone thinks waking up somebody like me with an obnoxious text message at That Batscope Hour is going to help them find a missing child. Can I just say that an SUV (or whatever) with license plate thus and so is NOT in my bedroom?

I’m sure I can turn that kind of notification off if I put my mind to it and I did go back to sleep and this was a Red Sky at Morning view I got (and apped) during my morning walk.


We had a half-*ssed plan to hike this weekend but we sorta slacked instead. The snow here by Houghton Lake looked like this and was very slippery and I dunno, we weren’t exactly as well prepared as we could have been. Plus the GG is still recovering from hand surgery. Excuses excuses excuses…


We headed off north and west and north and west on county roads. We drove through Fife Lake, a burg I don’t think I have *ever* traveled through before and I have been through an awful lot of small northern Michigan towns. When you google “Fife Lake” the results always say something like “also known as Zyacky Town”. I cannot find anything anywhere about why or what the heck Zyacky Town is.

Our main destination was Traverse City, where we ate lunch at the Bum Steer and I snagged a county courthouse photo for my little collection of county courthouses. We jogged north onto the Mission Peninsula for a bit, then headed over to Gaylord to visit the Lyme Lounge and snag a drawer from it (long story). Then (whew) down home to the Houghton Lake Group Home. I was pretty darn road-weary by the time we got back but what I really needed was a *walk* so I walked down to the point (and beyond) and got this photo of the late afternoon sun.


Barroooom food at the Northshore for dinner and home again under a cloud-obscured waxing gibbous moon.

G’night, KW

One Response to “Manton, Marion, Mesick, and Fife Lake”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You got some gorgeous photos! And excuses can be REASONS too, thus completely justified. 🙂