I had a great title but I can’t remember it but it was some snarky thing the GG said to me about shoveling snow… … …

When I took my 0-Skunk-30 walk this morning, it was Bone Dry everywhere. A half hour after I got home, I was puttering around doing my morning chores and I happened to look out the window at the Ninja there in the driveway and, uh, hello? What is that white stuff? Oh, don’t get me wrong. I knew we were gonna get slammed today.

My plan had been to drive over to meet MMCB2 at coffee, then drive to work and bail when the snow started. As the snow rapidly thickened and showed no signs of letting up at 7:40 this morning, I began to rethink that plan. After dithering and dathering for a while, I messaged MMCB2 that I was going to telecommute and therefore walk to coffee and would be a little late, through threw [Jeebus, KW] my YakTrax (and an umbrella) into my backpack and took off. I didn’t end up needing the YakTrax or the umbrella but this is what the infamous Jackson/North Maple intersection looked like as I was walking home from Barry Bagels.


By the time I got to the Plum Market, I resembled the Abominable Snowman. This is not the first time in my life that I have resembled that entity.


Sandals were adequate (barely) at that time of the day. The Ninja got started up and egregiously idled twice today but it never left the driveway and this is what it looked like before the six/whatever inches of heavy wet snow fell.


I had already emailed the Queen Bee that I would be working from home and so I settled in to that routine. The Queen Bee was at the office but I suspect that’s because her hubby also works there and they drive together and yada yada whatever. Sometime before noon, the LSCHP aka The Benevolent Despot decreed via email that everyone should work from home this afternoon (or take paid time off if they wanted to).

I had a lot of work to do today, the kind of work I get paid for, but eventually I got outside to shovel. Priorities here. Sidewalk first because the city can fine you if you don’t clear your sidewalk. Driveway next. The Frog Hopper easily handled today’s snow but the Ninja cannot, although it probably won’t have to go anywhere until maybe Friday. Finally, I shoveled a path to the compost bin.


The neighbor and her son created this loverly snowman. I was remembering the only time that one of the Beach Urchins came home from school crying. I think it was about second grade. She had made some Cute Snowballs in the schoolyard at recess that day and she didn’t want someone [those others who are not girls] to destroy them. I saddled up Sugar the Pink Plastic Sled and schlepped over to the schoolyard to schlep those snowballs home so they could melt in our own front yard.


After my hour or so of shoveling heavy wet snow, I took a little woods walk. The woods behind our house is very small but just the few moments it takes me to walk through it soothes my soul.


Good night and love y’all and I wish we could see the Moon and Jupiter tonight but I doubt we will,

One Response to “I had a great title but I can’t remember it but it was some snarky thing the GG said to me about shoveling snow… … …”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Very peaceful snow! I don’t want any though, thanks. I’m just waiting for spring. 🙂