Real women wear skirts

I met the GG at the door when he got home this afternoon. Lemme get my gear on so you can get a pic of me with my favorite snow shovel. He got the usual bunch of uglies but then there was *this* one 💜. Liking this photo as much as I do should be illegal. I’ll let all y’all guess all of the reasons why. I cannot count them but Badass Shoveling B-Witch might be one of them [cackle cackle cackle].


Except I cannot just crinkle up my nose like B-Witch used to do to make snow go away. I shoveled the inch or two of snow that fell overnight when I got back from my 0-Skunk-30 walk this morning. The snow was still coming down. I was telecommuting today, which means Sitting on the Green Couch Watching All the Dogs Go By, so I saw when the plow came by. This is heavy, wet snow and the plow left what looked like mountains of it at the end of the Landfill Driveway. Was Yer Fav-o-rite blahgger shoveler up to the task? Oh yes, she was!


Actually, I think yer fav-o-rite shoveler was almost faster than the guy catty-corner whose wimpy little Southeast Michigan snowblower was having trouble blasting through the crap the plow left. I’m really not being snarky but I felt really good after doing all that shoveling and I’ll note that My Old Coot did not purchase a snowblower until he was 75 and *he* lived in the Yooperland. That big-ass snowblower now lives at Houghton Lake and loves its new owners.

I tried to get a pic of myself via my selfie stick today. It was a Christmas gift. I admit I was skeptical. It languished. Today I went, hmmm, I could use my selfie stick to take a pic of me and my snow shovel. I got the whole thing working, Bluetooth and all but I wasn’t very successful at getting the pics I wanted. An out-take is below. It kinda looks like I was trying to fend off a bear or whatever. Jeesh. I need some practice…


If a bear DID try to attack me, a more likely implement might be my shovel. (But we don’t have bears here.)


3 Responses to “Real women wear skirts”

  1. Sam Says:

    Love love love photo one.

  2. Margaret Says:

    That is such a COOL photo!! You are in your element. 🙂

  3. Pooh Says:

    The selfie-fending-off-bears pic reminds of a picture of The Commander in the cabin kitchen fending off bears (or photographers) with her cane. LOL