Snowmen, before they melt

Do y’all have any idea how hard it is to write a blah[g] entry while watching Shameless on the boob tube? Huh? Here are some snowmen I’ve encountered today, either in person or via text message. First, a couple of pengie-looking characters down at the Argus Farm Stop. I don’t have time to go to Argus on Fridays so this one was texted to me.


Another one texted from Argus although when I first saw it, I somehow thought it was Downtown Home & Garden.


I found this one on Pine Ridge, where my dad’s old friend Frank Waite lived. It might even be the same house but not sure. I couldn’t quite figger out the shirt. Is it UMich or not? It’s the right colors but…


This guy looks like the sloppy kind of snowman I would make.


I don’t think these snowpeople will melt any time soon. Powterized at the Old Town Barrrrooom on a Friday night.


I took this fuzzy for complicated reasons that I could not ‘splain in fewer than about 5,000 words if I tried. But we are headed up the long slow hill that leads to our loverly Landfill on the northwest side.


G’night. Farmers market in the morning and getting ready for the Quiet Water Symposium at MooU next weekend.

One Response to “Snowmen, before they melt”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lots of cool (heehee) snowmen! We hardly ever get enough snow to make them here, especially lately. (I’m not saying I regret that) 🙂