gertruderainbowAny day that ends with a rainbow on Gertrude (or any place in the Landfill) is a good day. My fave parts of today?

— Can I start with last night? Because walking down to the Oscar Tango Friday after work is so much fun. And being Powterized adds to it all. And yes, that’s a “w” in there and there is a hilarious reason for that (mis-quote by a local news reporter) but I think it’s gonna stick.

— Walking down to the farmers market early Saturday morning. At this time of year you can’t get the huge amount of vegetable produce that’s available in the summer so I didn’t take a pic of what we got and post it on facebook like I sometimes do with my bee-yoo-ty-ful teal subway tile backsplash in the background. Today we bought pork chops, lamb chops, pasties, lettuce, onions, potatoes, two kinds of ravioli (lobster and portabella mushroom), swordfish scallopini, smoked mackerel, smoked salmon, a chicken to grill tomorrow and coffee and a donut/apple fritter b-fast. I fergit what else. My stuff was not photogenic in general but the market will be on an upswing soon.

— Walking downtown (after a morning of chores) to the Griz for a mac-n-cheese/coleslaw lunch. Beautiful 40-something snow-melting kind of day here. So many people were out and about.

— Getting rid of two (count ’em) solicitors. The first was for Bernie Sanders. I love Bernie Sanders as a person. Would I vote for him? I dunno. I made the mistake of saying that I was undecided. What I should’ve said was that I am sitting back watching the 2016 election in horrified fascination. The second solicitor was trying to sell vacuum cleaners… Duh… Roooooomba, some sort of hoover with a tornado on it, a shop vac, and the Electrolux that cleaned my Uncle Don’s doctor’s office back in the 1950s/60s AND STILL WORKS. I do NOT need a vacuum cleaner and if I did, I would NOT buy it from a door to door solicitor.

— And then there was Stanley. He’s an elegant black dog and I met up with him when I went to do a “sunset” walk in the woods. And then his owners recognized me from the days over at Haisley School when our kids were small. We walked through the woods together and Patty and I hugged each other before we separated this afternoon. Patty and I were always friendly but she wasn’t one of the Haisley moms that I hung out with on a regular basis. But boy oh boy did I love that hug. The more friends the better!

Love is all there is! [Youtube link]

One Response to “Prismatic”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wonderful to run into someone you know. I test out as highly agreeing with Bernie, but I’m not “Feeling the Bern.” I don’t know why, maybe because I’m not sure he’s electable. I may have to take that back if Donald Trump keeps winning. 😉 Your food from the market sounds delish!