You can get anything you want at Alex’s Restaurant

dam1I couldn’t describe today if I tried. The GG seems to be happy to wave his stitches in front of anyone whether they want to see them or not but you’ll notice I have NOT posted a pic of them on the internet, even though they don’t freak me out nor did the mid-surgery pic Doc L showed me at the family post-surgery consult. I did not post my broken pinky x-ray last summer either. I did text it to a few relatives, my two uber-cuzzints who also have broken hand bones and my forensic anthropologist niece who knows bones and other stuff that is also not internet-able. Oh, not that the non-internet-able stuff today was about the GG’s stitches, although he *did* wave them in front of more than a few folks today… And played the Cat Yard Game while doing a mini-hike down at the dam and WHILE DRIVING OVER TO MEGALOPOLIS!!!!

I got the spinach/feta omelet with hash browns and tomato juice at Alex’s Restaurant. I ate the whole darn thing but then I was hungry because I did something like 16K steps before I had anything to eat today and that thing to eat was a cherry Chobani yogurt I got at the Plum Market on my first trip over there this morning after doing my usual 3-mile around the neighborhood and then a short dam-hike. Three-egg omelet? Yes, ma’am. Gobblety-up! I usually have to take a box for that much food! I did not eat the toast. I can never eat the toast. If I’m strong enough, I sometimes tell them to hold the toast but that can result in a mixed bag and today I wasn’t strong enough. I did not get coffee because I knew that the one little cup of homemade coffee I had this morning was more than enough for today. And it was sooooo good.

We were over in Megalopolis at Alex’s eating breakfast/brunch/lunch/whatever with The Beautiful Liz and her loverly husband whose name I will not disclose except to say that it is a male name that, when bellowed by a parent sounds a lot like my name does, which always sounded like a darn buzzer. I only report this because we had a meeting of the minds about that today. I, of all people, would know about mis-naming children [wink].

The pic is from this morning down at Barton Dam, our fave urban hiking place. We drive down there but it’s a short drive. It was slippery walking down there this morning but I bet that with today’s meltdown (60 degrees anyone), it’s a big muddy morass by now. It was so beautiful this morning.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    The omelet sounds delicious; I love feta cheese and eggs!! I am always curious about the unbloggables. 😉