What’s a Poor Little Flutterby To Do?

Social butterfly, that is. It ain’t easy being a shy extrovert. Being around people energizes me. At least, people that I feel comfortable talking to. And in small groups, that’s crucial. Any more than about four can be too many unless there’s a subset of people I know *very* well. Or I’ve had enough w(h)ine. 😉 But I also need a lot of alone time. Time to think and write and be creative and occasionally just do relatively mindless hard labor, you know, snow shoveling, leaf-raking and wood-stacking, etc.

When you are a shy extrovert, you have to really *work* at staying socially connected. You do something with a friend or two or three and you all say something like, “we *must* get together again soon.” And then everybody is busy and, even if *you* are not, you are too shy to call or even email and say, “Let’s do such-and-such.” It is not easy.

I had quite a lot of social down-time last year, unless you consider hanging around hospitals talking to medical personnel social. At the end of all that, school ended and I had quit my job and my kids were away at college and I was kicking around here alone just a tad more often than I needed to be. A few good friends, here and long-distance, and a *host* of cousins, in-laws, aunts and whatnot helped tremendously, then and throughout the summer.

This weekend, I could hardly find any time to get my homework done! Gallivanted around Downtown Planet Ann Arbor Friday night with old Haisley friends. Knights’ Inn Saturday night with Planet Ann Arbor/Shores of Gitchee Gumee friends. Wonderful wedding shower over in Troy or wherever this afternoon for our soon-to-be niece Kelli. Hosted by The Beautiful Gay and The Beautiful Renee. Sisters-in-law and nieces galore. And just about when I needed a little break from the festivities, my phone rang and the call was coming from Berkeley, CA. Love.

Thanks y’all for the good times! You guys make it all worthwhile.

One Response to “What’s a Poor Little Flutterby To Do?”

  1. mouse Says:

    you can write some papers for me if, you know, you start to get bored…