Thursday malaise on my Vanity Blahg

Wah wah wah. It hurt my ears. I can’t tell you what hurt my ears but trust me that when you work for the online banking biz, even highly trusted developers cannot just go in and Screw Around with The Database. Lowly systems analysts like me can’t get anywhere near The Database. We can *look* at the QA database via SQL queries but we cannot change anything or even run any kind of a script that changes anything. You guys are HAPPY about that, even if our developers are not.

Reminiscing a bit, this flute performance major taught herself to program FORTRAN back in the Jurassic Age while working at an entry level info tech job that rarely provided enough work for a person who thrives on being busy (not to mention intellectual stimulation) to do. I call it my childhood career these days. I love to program computers and from time to time, my adult info tech career requires that I wrangle some javascript, but I really love being a systems analyst. What are we trying to do and how do we accomplish it and what might be the unintended consequences over here in this whole other area of our product that we aren’t thinking about? I get to make pictures and tables and *write* and fit all of that together somehow. Intellectual stimulation? Yes.

It’s March and this is the Great Lake State and a prediction of Snow Showers often means Snow Storm and that’s kinda what we had this afternoon. It was okay enough when I drove home that I took the I94 18-Wheel Clogway but after I got home the snow intensified and now it looks more like a storm and it’s March and I know we have snow in March and we haven’t had a horrible winter but after the last couple winters, I am sick sick sick of snow. Is that okay? No, I do not want to move to a warmer climate. I actually like snow. If you are a systems analyst or whoever you are, put all of that into your hopper and try to process it. I cannot.

Love you all,

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  1. Margaret Says:

    March is when the spring is supposed to start showing up, NOT snow. *grumble* I don’t have total access to the grade book either, just my little part of it. When parents want me to change their emails in the system or excuse their child’s absence, I have to say that there is NO way I can do that. (plus it’s not my job)