An introvert snags free cake

fortFirst of all, don’tcha love this fort? I think this thing is higher than my head. Actually, I know it is, see the chainlink fence behind it? The neighborhood kids incorporated the stump of the trenormous tree that fell during a late December sleet storm. Probably a couple weeks *after* that tree fell, I put two and two together and realized that we were lucky it did not fall on Lizard Breath, who was here at The Landfill that evening contemplating whether to borrow my YakTrax and walk downtown to meet friends. She would’ve walked right where that tree fell. Instead the GG gave her a ride. Karma was on our side that day.

My new cube is situated so that I can see Russia the lunchroom. Usually it’s just the Queen Bee and Cube Nayber and a few other folks eating lunch together. I don’t participate in lunch although sometimes I visit if I feel like I need to stretch. I love these people but sometimes it seems like people tell the same stories over and over and over again. I have been guilty of that myself. Anyway, I work through lunch or read on my phone or whatever.

Today? First of all, there was a wild euchre game going on. People do not usually play cards at work. This is in preparation for Casino Night. People get really excited about Casino Night. I do not play cards. At all. I prefer the annual kayak trip although this year I missed it because 1) Titanium Pinky and 2) Mercury Retrograde Weekend. But I love that the company occasionally provides an event with food (and alcohol) and I’m sure there are people who much prefer Casino night to kayaking the cascades so there you go. Anyway, the euchre game was loud and people kept shutting the lunchroom doors on their way out. I’m not sure why since I’m probably the closest person to the lunchroom and it wasn’t bothering me at all.

Oh yeah, how does an introvert snag free cake. As if the euchre game wasn’t enough, the Costco gal was in the lunchroom providing cake and signing people up for memberships. She comes every year and there’s a Costco close to work and I pass it every day and a couple years ago I took advantage of one of these cake events to buy a membership. What a disaster! I never *once* set foot in that Costco. I forgot that I had a Costco card and had no clue about how to access the Costco store. Yes, I know. I once confessed all of this to MMCB1 who goes to Costco ALL THE TIME and her flabbergasted response was something like, “You MUST have a Costco card” and then a bunch of stuff about how great Costco is. And I bet that it is (if you are not walking out of an outpatient surgical center with your entire forearm in a neural block [snort]) but somehow it doesn’t seem like my way to shop. My way to shop is to fling a backpack onto my back and hike to the Plum Market or the farmers market and buy what I need for whatever duration I think I am planning (or not) for. I do buy terlet paper and stuff at a mainstream grokkery store.

Cake? What about the cake? Well, I decided I wanted a piece of cake. Since I can see Russia the lunchroom from my cube, I could see when the [extroverted] Costco gal left (and I could hear her talking to KennyP (who is a *wonderful* extrovert)) and that she had left extra pieces of cake on a table in there. Scuttle scuttle scuttle. Unlike some others, I grabbed one with a good amount of frosting! I was talking with the Queen Bee about this a little later and she had also done a variation on that theme. We may be introverts but we get things done when we need to!

3 Responses to “An introvert snags free cake”

  1. Sam Says:

    We aren’t Costco people either, mostly because 1) it is not in a location convenient to us and, 2) their huge packages lead to storage problems. Cake; I don’t eat cake very often (guess I don’t see Marie frequently enough?), but I had some yummy b-day cake back in Feb, a moist yellow sheet cake (bakery; for someone else’s b-day).

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love Costco, but never go because I live alone and don’t need that much stuff!

  3. Jay Says:

    Costco is the perfect tp store. Carl has his normal “Costco” stuff, and occasionally I go to browse (just to see what they have). Several years ago I bought an elliptical machine. Getting it home from the store was an adventure – too small car at the store during work lunch, dead cell phone, car-pooler with an SUV … but we used it for several years until it was falling apart and left with debris during our remodel.