Dude, how many times do I have to blow your mind, potentially

oscartangoIt was a beautiful walk downtown tonight and I was just about at the Oscar Tango when I spied a tall handsome young man across Ashley. I knew him! Amazing that I recognized him *before* I recognized his beautiful wife Goose, a young woman I have known since she was in middle school. Bagawk bagawk bagawk, ahem… I crossed the street and it was only then that I realized that GooseMom was just behind them on the sidewalk. Jeebus what an idiot I can be. She had posted on facebook earlier today that she was in the Chicago airport and I figgered that meant that she was on her way here to The Planet Ann Arbor. So good to see that whole fandamily!

GooseMom came up here to see a local musician at the Ark tonight. Chris Buhalis. I had heard an interview with him on NPR a couple mornings ago and I said to GooseMom that I didn’t know much about him but had heard him on the radio. And then suddenly there he was right on the sidewalk in front of the Oscar Tango! There were a lot of people around and that kind of flabbergasted the introvert in me so I scooted into the OT without saying much more than glad to meet you. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, maybe I should’ve talked to him a bit. His NPR interview included a discussion about how he had accidentally mangled some fingers and how he had managed to rehab from multiple surgeries to play the guitar again. Hello! Flute player? Titanium Pinky? I’ll admit that at this point my flute has been collecting dust for more years than I am strong enough to count. I think my pinky is up to the task and one of these days maybe we’ll see. At any rate, his story resonated with me. How does an instrumental musician recover from a finger accident and how long does it take and how much work does it take? Etc. etc.

The Oscar Tango was absolutely hopping tonight. I do not know exactly why. When we walked outside at the end, the waxing crescent moon was hanging out in a clear sky above the western horizon. How good does it get?

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds GREAT!! Fun and different. I need that, but am too lazy to get off my you-know-what. The power of inertia.