Ol’ Man Winter

I am running out of places to put the snow!


Just kidding! You know how facebook greets you with your “memories” every morning whether you want to see them or not? This morning I’d’ve spit my coffee out if I’d been drinking any. This was from two years ago today during the Polar Vortex winter here on the Ice Road Asteroid, which was what I was calling The Planet Ann Arbor for that particular duration.

Below is a pic I took *this morning* of the greenhouse in the Mack schoolyard as I trucked on down Miller (on dry pavement with no significant snow in sight) to the farmers market. Our morning temperatures were not all that springlike but we experienced a 30 degree increase during the day.


Lemme see… Lettuce, baby kale, scallions, potatoes, rainbow trout, chicken, lamb chops, what am I fergittin’? Oh! ravioli (two pkg, goat cheese and portabella), lamb’s quarters quiches. I know I am still fergittin’ something and it is NOT the wee little head of red cabbage that I bought TWO WEEKS ago and we found rolling around in the Ninja’s trunk when we got home. I did salvage some of it!

Anyway, we were sitting inside Kerrytown having some coffee and people were texting us cat yard pics and then I received the pic below.


That, my friends, is a pic of the farmers market. My Mouse sent it to me, meaning that she was *at* the farmers market. We were pretty much done with our coffee so we jumped up to go and find her. After the market, she stopped by the Landfill on her way to other places and I *think* these people are playing that cat yard game. Please don’t look at the trombones froogs back there in the background. It only encourages them. Yes, one of them is wearing a green tutu. This is what happens when you take your kids frogs to Meijer with you. I was only in there to buy terlet paper and stuff. Jeebus!


I did chores for the rest of the morning and I’m not sure what the GG did but it was not the taxes. I guess he’ll tackle those tomorrow. Oh yeah, he was working on his hand this morning. Which is healing just fine by the way but we think he may have overdone things a bit the last couple days. Anyway. Walked downtown for lunch at the Griz. I love our woodsy parks at this time of year. Most of them look a lot like boneyards without leaves or snow to disguise all of the fallen trees. Beautiful decay.


And then I saw a yard with a big swath of purple in it. It had to be crocuses and it was. And that blurry thing above the fleurs is a camera-shy BEEEEEEE!


I found exactly two yellow crocus flowers in my back yard and I can’t remember what these green shoots turn into but I guess spring has sprung, although I don’t doubt that we will have more snow. And that is actually a good thing. We do not want our fruit trees to flower too early, etc. Bad stuff.


It’s Saturday and [insert whatever Garrison says on Prairie Home Companion]. Love y’all, KW.

2 Responses to “Ol’ Man Winter”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those are gorgeous crocuses, but they don’t look much like mine.(which are more like small tulips) I remember that crazy winter you had and all the snow pics. We are getting another huge windstorm tomorrow night, and rain, rain, rain. I am very fatigued with this incessant rain. TAXES. ugh.

  2. jane Says:

    I’m wondering if the last picture are snow drops?