Alien invader

alieninvaderTwo tech support sessions, the last one an hour and 15 minute long phone call and my VPN issue is still not fixed. My tech support person was really really nice and friendly. My tech support person was obviously more knowledgeable about the innards of my laptop’s OS than I am. I don’t generally delve tooooo deeply into whatever makes an OS works. My bad? Maybe… But man oh man. We went over and over the same things about a bazillion times to the point where I felt like I was getting to know this person’s job better than they did. About 50 minutes into the conversation, I decided to mention (again) that the problem began when I was issued a NEW LAPTOP. Oh, really? A new laptop? Oh. Um, duuuuuhhhh. I had said that at the very beginning of the call. Maybe I was talking too fast for the tech support person to get the details? Could be. But still…

It is Good Friday and that means nothing much to a lot of people including the Benevolent Despot (Jewish and doing his taxes this weekend) and me (agnostic but planning to cook an Easter sort of dinner just because). Nevertheless, we always get let out early on Good Friday and so I asked my tech support person, “Can we continue this on Monday?” My left hand was getting numb by that time because of holding my iPhone up to my ear. I am not accustomed to talking on the phone these days, not to mention that most of the conversation involved listening to each other breathe and/or type on our respective keyboards. Jeebus. And so this loverly little story is to be continued…

I have now had two more or less UNproductive work days in a row and I must say that after that long tech support phone call, it felt fantastic to walk downtown to the Oscar Tango tonight. Over the river and through the woods although more accurately it’d be the other way around since I walk down through Miller Woods and then across Allen Creek in West Park. Our favorite alien made its appearance at the Oscar Tango and our adventures walking home included a drone sighting at Westwood Park. I kept looking for the waning gibbous moon but when I finally got around to checking one of my celestial object apps, I found out that it doesn’t rise until 10:06 tonight. Oh well.

Early wake-up call tomorrow morning, although not any earlier than any other day.

G’night, KW

One Response to “Alien invader”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I absolutely HATE it when things don’t work. I just want to find the solution. It would have driven me crazy! Glad you got out to dinner. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drone, although a friend at work(a science teacher of course) makes them, and showed me a video of his flying on his cell phone. (during our boring staff meeting, don’t tell!!)