Queen of [you-know-what] Everything

When the beach urchins were small munchkins, we celebrated (or is it observed?) Easter with reckless abandon, spoiling our kids with dyed eggs and elaborate Easter baskets full of candy and an abundance of gifts. Need another stuffed aminal? No? Here’s one anyway. And then they grew up and Easter disappeared from our lives almost completely. I remember one Easter morning when it was hotter than Hades and the GG and I kayaked something like seven miles down in the Huron River, eating baggies of cheerios and drinking little cans of V8 juice. Then one spring Mouse said something like, “I have to work until 8:00 tonight but if you cook dinner, I’ll come over.” And I did and she did and it was fun and beautiful with candles and everything and now we sort of do Easter again. Without candy or gifts or egg-dyeing. I note that “no one” even bought any of those blasted peeps this year. Maybe because there are still a few left over from last year? [wink]

Nobody said anything about Easter this year and I don’t EVER want my children to feel compelled to come over and spend a holiday with me, especially a religious holiday that I don’t observe except in a secular way. But still, I tentatively texted them last week. Easter? Or not? No pressure. Of course they came over for dinner. And so we left Houghton Lake much earlier than usual this weekend because I wanted to get home in plenty of time to put together an Easter-type dinner. Not that it’s hard to do but I had some shopping and KP-type stuff to do.

So, the first pic is from when I took my usual HL morning walk to the Second Bridge and back. These reflected trees greeted me at the Second Bridge.


And then there was the sun blinding me over this big pile of ice floes with snow on the top back at the cabin.


It was a gorgeous morning and I didn’t want to leave but… But we didn’t leave before having breakfast with the Lord and Lady of Linden over at Little Boots Diner, home of my fave Gunslinger Quesadilla. It seems as though the Lord of Linden got my mug though… Or maybe he was the appropriate recipient [wink].


Onward down south to The Planet Ann Arbor and here is the Lyme Lounge tucked up next to The Landfill. You can’t see the GG but he is inside, in his element, working on getting it ready for the next season of adventures.


After a while and a couple of grokkery trips, Lizard Breath came over. We took a hike down through Miller Woods and over to the Plum (my second trip there) and when we got back our mouse was working on her garden(s) and here she is attacking the dead leaves in the front garden with her pink rake. Real women wear skirts (except when they don’t) and real women use pink rakes (except when they don’t). (And yes, it was HOT here today, in case you couldn’t tell by Mouse’s lack of sleeves.)


And finally, in case anyone was wondering, no we did not see Chloe Belle this weekend. Well, not exactly. We entered his house and took a pic of his North Country Trail volunteer bandanna and used his bathroom and monkeyed around in his garage. But we didn’t see him. Well unless you count when we passed him on the I75 SUV Speedway. He was headed north and we were headed south and we were right about at mile marker 119 (Flint and y’all know about Flint nowadays, don’tcha?) when we saw each other. And yes, this was only possible because 1) we all have iPhones, 2) the Lyme Lounge makes us easy to spot, and 3) Chloe Belle stuck his arm up out of his window (and told us that via iPhone that he would be doing that). Why was this so much fun? I do not know. We are such nerds.

G’night and Happy Easter if you celebrate or observe Easter or whatever. Love you all.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Nice to have Easter with the kids, no matter what that includes. We had a very non-traditional Easter; I saw my parents for lunch, talked to Ashley in LA this evening and texted with Alison, who did Easter dinner with her boyfriend’s grandparents. It felt sort of weird, but it was OK. Actually, I took a long walk along the Tacoma waterfront and then had dinner at a pub with my new friend Henry. 😉