Honey baked (with big great pants (or not))

eastertable1What do you cook on Easter? If you cook on Easter, that is (if you celebrate/observe Easter). I don’t always. Except that it falls on a Sunday and I usually cook on Sunday because I have time. Of course, I cook almost every day but sometimes “cooking” constitutes throwing leftovers in Gertrude’s top oven and making a salad. Which is okay because I cook well enough on the weekend that our leftovers are pretty dern good.

I’ve been cooking ham on Easter the last few years. Ham is not my fave food and once a year is about enough for me, aside from the wee cubes of ham in Little Boots Diner’s Gunslinger Quesadilla (which I stretch out over two days) and eggs benny with Canadian bacon a couple times a year. But I like to cook ham on Easter although I will do other things if that isn’t convenient. For one thing, it has to be in the right form factor. That means SMALL! You know the old saying about two people and a ham? That would be us, even though it’s usually four [again] nowadays. Ideally a pound and a half of spiral cut ham would suffice but I usually don’t have my act together to order it and I didn’t this year.

eastertable2Easter snuck up on me and I could not find a small ham in a form factor I liked. I didn’t want to schlep all over town to look for just the right thing so I texted everyone and asked if they would care if we had duck instead of ham. I knew I could find duck in an appropriate form factor. The beach urchins were fine with that plan. The GG didn’t exactly complain (he does like duck but I think he wanted ham) but he did offer to head over to the local honey baked ham store and see what they had. Bingo! It was around three pounds, boneless and SLICED and soooooo good I almost couldn’t stop myself from picking at it. Yes, we have leftovers. Yes, we probably have too many leftovers. I did give some to Liz, who asked. I don’t like to push leftover food on people unless they actively want it. We will do this again!

What else? Well, mashed potatoes, of course, the decadent recipe with cream cheese and sour cream and Liz asked if she could put pepper in it (YES!) but I forgot to put paprika on the top. Oh well. And I threw together a dish of asparagus, RAMPS, and MORELS that I found when I walked in the door of the Plum yesterday. I don’t think that any of those things are available locally yet. I know that asparagus is not. And morels are best when you pick them yourself outta your friend’s cabin back yard but that (my sole experience with picking morels) is a story for another day. These were good enough. And then there was a regular old green salad.

What are we eating tonight? Easter Sunday leftovers, of course!

Oh, and I bagged dessert last night, which was probably not the best idea because some people wanted it. But there was ice cream in the freezer from an earlier event and so…

You have to know that there was a beautiful thunderstorm going on throughout our Easter dinner. Fortunately, lightning did not hit a tree in the woods (that I know of) and no big “splinters” flew out to hit the Rental Car’s moonroof. I dunno if the Rental Car even has a moonroof. I will continue to drive the Ninja for the duration and hope that nothing falls on it. As our friends of Powterization say, “You guys are running out of trees.” Indeed.

G’night (and love all y’all), KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not a fan of ham either and we always ate it at my late MIL’s house. Patt loved it though! I didn’t cook on Easter or do anything with family, which felt WEIRD. Then I thought, “Wait, I’m not religious, so who cares?” I ended up eating a wrap, salad and tater tots in a pub on the Tacoma waterfront for Easter dinner.