And then there are those spit-take memories

franknifeLike today when my facebook “memories” served up this from The Commander.

He’s a really, really good person and he’s doing the college now.

She was talking about the young man whose company she had been hiring to do yard work and he had apparently obtained a contract to do the local university’s yard and garden work. But, uh, moom, “doing the college?” The Comm was DEFINITELY not a prude but I do not think she knew the connotations of what she had just said.

That was a post I made six years ago today. That would be 2010 and The Commander had another year of independent living and driving ahead of her, although we didn’t know it at the time. Oh, not that we weren’t a bit worried about her living alone without Radical Betty in the world. We definitely were. I felt like I needed to call her EVERY day but I didn’t always do that, so whenever I did call her and didn’t get an answer right away I would be worried. Is she just confused between the iPhone and the landline or is she on the floor somewhere unable to get to any phone? Or is she out gallivanting around somewhere? It is hard when you are still “young” and working on your fortune but your moom is not and may need your help but is too proud to ask for it.

I posted her quote on facebook back in 2010. I “shared” the memory early this morning but then I deleted it. Facebook didn’t feel like the right place to share that memory, even though that’s where I originally posted it and one part of the memory is when Cap’n Hobbs (Cap’n of the Badger) commented on it. But he’s also dead and didn’t even quite make it to 60 although he did live long enough to greet a grandchild and died playing hockey.

I am posting that memory here on my blahg where I am technically free to say whatever the hell I want. Y’all can read or not butcha can’t unfriend me. I don’t know where The Commander is but I think this photo of her coming at me with a knife might indicate what she might think about this post and that long-ago facebook status and that she if still keeps a watch over what I *do* post, she and Radical Betty are probably cracking up about “doing the college” wherever the heck they are. And they were once at college together although I am pretty damn sure neither one of them were “doing the college”. I know they weren’t handling the lawn care 🐸 at MooU.

One Response to “And then there are those spit-take memories”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I admit to my own ignorance about “doing the college.” 😉 The Commander looks very COMMANDING in this photo. I too struggle with FB memories and which ones to repost. I generally talk about them more on my blog because it feels more private. (even though it’s really not)