Fools at Fool Moon


Man oh man am I taarrrred tonight, in a good kind of way although I am wondering if I am on the edge of a cold virus. If so, I’m sure I’ll survive. This beautiful woman is dressed as a unicorn. I took a lot of pics but, as usual at Fool Moon, my iPhoneography skills were not equal to the task of capturing the constantly moving crowd, costumes and luminaries. I got a few good ones but I am too taaarrred to sort through them tonight so here is a not-too-bad one.

We were doing the usual Oscar Tango thing complete with powterization. We lost powterization after a while over at Fool Moon. Not sure if they ducked into the beer tent or headed home. But then, someone hugged me from behind and just like that, we were cuzzinized by npJane. One of the reasons I love living on the Planet Ann Arbor is occasional cuzzination. It was a beautiful night for Fool Moon. I think last year was cold and rainy and we bagged early. Tonight we stayed just long enough and then took a beautiful Dark Walk home complete with urbanP at Wildwood Park and Beatles songs via the GG’s phone for the last stretch up the hill to Haisley and home. No moon tonight (waning crescent, visible in the AM) but I’ll take it.

G’night, KW

One Response to “Fools at Fool Moon”

  1. Margaret Says:

    An interesting Friday night, as usual. Mine has been boring, but my day was great. 🙂