Switzerland and ISIS on an Aprilsnort kind of day

Or is it North Korea? Oh, never mind. Let’s talk about how uuuuuuugly today was. Typical April day here in the Great Lake State. Actually pretty good compared to April 2014 (aka the Polar Vortex Spring) when we had a glacier in our back yard. Typical April phenomenon in the yooperland but not the southeast part of the state.

The day didn’t start out all that bad. I got the daffies below on my way down to the farmers market. I did not get the three deer that crossed Miller into the woods. It was not snowing at this point. The sun was rising and the sky was clear enough that I could see the waning crescent moon.


It snowed on and off all morning but we had a dry walk down to the Griz for our Saturday afternoon mac’n’cheese lunch. We did not go to the Hash Bash. The baggy old folks sitting at the bar next to us (our age or younger?) spent their entire time there talking about marijuana and I *think* they said they were headed off to the Hash Bash. Jenell said something like, “See you next week” and the woman said something like, “If I live that long.” She didn’t look anywhere near death to me sittin’ at the bar there drinking a beer or whatever but I won’t judge her and if she is in pain, I hope she finds help at the Hash Bash. It actually made me feel pretty good because I feel like I’m teetering on the edge of whatever is going around but slow as I was today, I had something like 17K steps in by then and am now over 22K. I looked out the window and there it was, snowing again.


By the time we got home, this forsythia was white with snow. Actually, this morning was the first time this spring that I noticed any forsythia in bloom. What an insult! But hey, it’s an early bloomer and it’ll be fine.


And here are the uuuuugly shrubs in front of the Landfill. The ones we want to get rid of but are struggling because they provide bird habitat. A wee bit of snow helps their appearance, don’t you think?


I actually almost fell asleep this afternoon. That is very very very odd for me except when I am on the beach and I know all my chickies are safe. The weather switched over to rain or sleet or snain or whatever for a while but now it is seriously snowing. Hope the driving is good for me tomorrow since I cannot take the Frog Hopper over to the baby shower because the FH is still in the body shop getting its moon roof fixed. I actually think the driving will be fine.


And here is what I think will probably be the last faaaaar this season. Love that I can see the faaaarplace from the Chitchen. Look away from the clutter. Nothing to see there! Hmmm, is that Softy Beanbag wopsed around on the basket there? Is she all right?


So Happy Aprilsnort to you (and Switzerland, ISIS, and North Korea too). Aprilsnort is a Grinchie kind of word so maybe I am channeling that loverly, cuzzinty kind of entity tonight. It has been tooooo long since this old bag has hugged that old boy. Missing you buddy.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    A mix of lovely images of eating, fireplace comfort, inclement weather and flowers. I do love your eclectic blog!