Tone deaf and out of sync but still having fun

baby1That’s how life has felt pretty much all weekend as I have struggled to hamhandedly communicate with various entities, including this laptop just now. I had to re-a-start it to get my photoooos to port over from my phone and it took forEVER and then I tried to load up photoshop and I got the spinning ball and had to force quit. I have a very old version of PS and one o’ these days it’s gonna become incompatible with whatever OS I have and I’ll have to figure out a new app that will let me do light photo-editing (mainly cropping and minor color corrections). One that I *know* right off the bat without a learning curve, that is. Of course, I’m gonna guess that whatever version of PS is the latest and greatest right NOW would be unrecognizable to me and I’d have to climb a learning curve. And I can certainly do that kind of thing but not necessarily in the afternoon after work while juggling pots and pans and kaniffies and cooking ingredients, etc.

And then there was the passive-aggressive sh*t I did with the GG this morning. I hate passive-aggressive communication with a passion but I am human and fallible and I also DO it. It was beautiful (but cold) when I was walking early this morning and I texted the GG as the sun was about to rise to ask if he wanted to go down by the river while that entity was still low in the sky. I wanted to walk around down there but I didn’t say that. He didn’t reply and I kind of let it slide and when I got home he was still in bed exercising his hand. We had a wee brekky and some coffee and I asked out loud, “Do you want to go down by the river?” Again, I meant to walk but I didn’t *say* that, so there I was all suited up for walking and we got down to the river and he turned LEFT and I was whaaaaaa? Oh, you wanted to walk? Oops I’m not dressed for walking! And he wasn’t because it was colder than blue blazes this morning. We didn’t walk but it turned out okay anyway. We drove out Huron River Drive, through Dexter, then grabbed onto Trinkle Road and crept along the length of it (until the outskirts of Chelsea) before turning back to the planet. Beautiful drive.

baby2“We” had a baby shower to attend over in the northern burbs of Megalopolis this afternoon. That is, *I* had a baby shower to attend. The GG came along and hung out with the new grandaddies, our own UU and the new mom’s dad. (The beautiful young mom is married to our nephew.) On the way over, I plugged my phone into the power thingy in the Rental Car because power and all of a sudden an eclectic mix of my fave childhood music (Jimi, Cream, Velvet Underground, Elton John, Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd, and I fergit who else) started playing. The radio display said that an “iPad” was playing music so I just thought that the GG had plugged in his iPad. Except it didn’t seem quite like *his* music. It wasn’t until later that I realized that my iPhone was in fact playing that music, not to mention that my iPhone HAS music on it. I only randomly download music to it because I *never* listen to music on it.

I always dread parties like this but I warm up eventually and that’s what happened today. It was dicey at first because the C-fam table was too full for Liz and I (Mouse had other commitments), so we sat with the new mom and grandmother and some other people I didn’t know but they were really nice. I am AWKWARD at conversation with new people but we managed and even had fun and I liked that grandmother a lot (I’ve known the other grandmother forever and will see her next weekend). I am going on and on and on about a lot of nothing at this point.

We had games and activities to do and I don’t like stuff like that but it was pretty easy to kind of ignore that stuff because they were far from a focal point of the event. But I did have to decorate a “onesie”. Whaaaat will I draw? Can I actually draw? Hmmmm. I racked my brain for a while and finally decided I would start with a mouse and maybe after I drew the mouse I would think of some other things to fill the rest of the onesie in. So I drew the mouse and then I thought that if I had a mouse on there, I needed a frog. I was racking my brain thinking of how to draw a frog. Oh, big buggly eyes, roight? I opened up the emojis on my phone and copied my signature emoji frog and then I went wild (if you want to call it that) with emoji animules. Hatching chick, pengie and octopus. All but the octopus represent someone in the fam. I included the octopus because it was pink and I needed another color (and it was easy to draw). Liz had a bib to decorate and she chose a different kind of theme as you can see. I think my fave was “Aunt Kathy Rules” because Aunt Kathy does kinda rule 💚

Man oh man, and we were supposed to bring a book instead of a card, which I think is wonderful but I forgot my blasted book (I’ll mail it, I had their actual gift delivered to their house from Magic Beans). Anyway, somebody gave the new mom the latest version of Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever. Oh, my god, both Liz and I looked at that book at Literati but we chose Bluberries for Sal (Liz) and Make Way for Ducklings (me) instead. We have interesting memories of the Best Word Book Ever.

2 Responses to “Tone deaf and out of sync but still having fun”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like baby showers much, but it sounds like you had a good time. LOVE the music that came through on your iPhone. I don’t have music on mine, and since I blew it completely on storage when I bought it (ignorance is NOT bliss), I doubt that I’ll be able to fit any on.

  2. elizabeth Says:

    Everyone would certainly compliment our hostesses Gay, Kelli, Renee and Suzanne and it is great to see Jess showered with baby supplies from her people, how I loved that kind of support when I was given one over 42 years ago. Its takes a great deal of preparedness on the part of those generously arranging this sort of party. I realize it would be a huge chore.
    I was able to see the women in my World once again and that makes me grateful eventhough that sort of stuff can also make me worried that I’ll look old and fat. I did love seeing the ladies in this party eventhough the social difficulty overshadows my good time beforehand, I suppose we All have the same apprehension, so we all put our best foot forward and plunge on ahead and end up having a great afternoon afterall. It was wonderful to see Elizerdbreath and Kayakwoman, I wish they had been at my table but they were really lucky to sit with the Mom to be, Jess and her Mother, that was cool. I’m sort of tired of all the shower parties, weddings and such but , hey its waaay better than the get togethers they have called Funerals. I want to see my people, I wish men could be at the showers too. They know how to throw a Part-y , Ska.