elebeerephonySpend enough time in the street outside the beer tent and you start seeing pink elephants 🐘

So, I can haz a mini-vacay? Please? Can I? Every morning for about the last month, Louie-Louii-iii-ii has bounced in complaining about how he is feeling dragged out or on the verge of whatever is going around. This always kind of flummoxes me because he is always bouncing around. Like today when “our” new printer arrived and he spent the entire morning unpacking it, setting it up, and opening a ticket to, oh, I dunno what, get it on the network or something. Boppity boppity bop… bop bop bop. I use “our” loosely in terms of that printer because I have not been able to print to its predecessor since we renovated the building. One of these days I may decide to enlist Mr. Luv’s help but for now, the only printer that I can “see” is far enough away that it helps me increase my steps. And no, Mr. Luv is not my current crush. All I will say about him is that I just googled “oatmeal in a drawer” and it is apparently A Thing. Given that my Scottish ancestors seem to have been farmers and barrel makers and whatever, probably oatmeal in a drawer is somewhere in my family history. Maybe that’s why The Commander hated it so much?

So I started that last paragraph talking about vacation and somehow I ended up on oatmeal. Mini-vacay? I guess it sounds like I need one soon. I really wanted to go back to Crazy Old Florida this year. We had so much fun driving down there and back last year. It was a rocket trip and I wanted a wee bit longer trip this year. Like two weeks. I LOVE it down there (and I will tell you that we get to see more of the sides of Fla than most Florida tourists do and that’s partly why I love it so much) but I will never live down there because after two weeks, I start getting antsy for the Great White North. Alas, it isn’t gonna work this year. The R word would have us postponing a Fla trip until May and I’m just not sure about May. Too hot in Fla. Potentially warmer weather up here in the northern tier although you sure couldn’t guess that by today’s horribly bitter cold wind and the snowflakes that accompanied my trip home from work.

So it kind of looks like a yooperland North Country Trail hike for us this weekend. Snow or not? And if snow, how deep? We’ll see what kind of gear we need and we’ll be prepared but I do hope we don’t have to do the Blough Plow again. Jeebus.

P.S. Yesterday, googling “not face” tried to suggest “North Face” (the clothing company). I googled it in the Rental Car listening to an NPR story while riding along the river and I had to dig around for “not face”. Today “not face” is at the top of the list. Go figger.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s creepy what our searches bring back to us later. I know that the internet is trying to be helpful, but some of them are SO weird. Sorry that Florida won’t work out; May might not be too bad? I’ve been there for a gymnastics meet in the early spring(nice) and a conference in the summer(not so nice).