Yuckity blech! Hi old lady! 🐗

frogflowerOh, not the frog flower. It is as beauteous as it is every year and my photoooo does not do it justice.

I’m referring foremost to the cold virus that is dragging us both down and secondarily to the frigid air that has settled in over the Great Lake State. I was okay with the frigid air and was actually enjoying suiting up for it. Until. After five days of mild cold symptoms, I kinda hadta drag my *ss outta the office this afternoon. I needed to make a trip over to the Plum after I got home and, even though it was 43 and sunny at that time of day, I suited up *again*, balaclava and bomber hat and all. I knew it would be cold waiting for the light at the Dexter/N. Maple intersection. I draaaagggged over there. I bought two things: tangerine juice and cranberry juice. I draaaagggged back. When I passed the house on the corner of N. Maple, some little kids were in the yard and I swear I heard a chirpy little voice say, “Hi Old Lady!” “We” were not amused. Whoiy not? Because “we” *felt* a bit like an old lady at that point with achy joints and things. “We” soldiered on home and “we” remade the bed in the messter bedroom.

Why all the juice and why remake the bed? Because last night was about the worst night in a reaaalllly long time, maybe since the time the GG and Mouse picked up the Lyme Lounge from the factory and found so many ticks during their hikes along the way home that we were thinking about taking the GG into the urgent care in Sault Ste. Siberia to check for Lyme Disease*. It’s too cold for any damn biting insects here right now but I woke up in the middle of the night and he was doing the whole fever and chills thing. I swear he was okay when we were watching Shameless earlier in the evening! So he had a horrible night and I suppose I did too although I don’t get panicky when I wake up at night. It is what it is and if I don’t sleep well, I still function okay the next day. I was just concerned about how he felt. He did not go to work today and when I got home after work, I kind of demanded that he get outta that bed long enough for me to make it. I didn’t care one iota that *he* didn’t make the bed this morning or that he was still in it when I got home. I just thought it looked terribly uncomfortable for a sick person. For once, I was kinda wishing I had more than one set of sheets (minimalist here) so I could *change* the sheets. Hmmm… Must re-think parts of that whole minimalist thing.

I hope he feels better tomorrow. I hope my cold doesn’t descend further into the deepest depths of Mordor.

I hope none of y’all are sick in any way, shape, or form. And that nobody calls you an Old Lady any time soon!

I have to say that I am so glad my Mouse came over tonight. We had ‘hattans and ate leftover beef stew etc., and the GG has perked up quite a bit, even took a shower. Thanks, kiddo, I needed you tonight. I didn’t know it but I was sure glad to get your text. Yes, come on over 💚!

*We didn’t take the GG into urgent care that time (his call). He recovered and my suspicion is that it was actually blackflies that got him. Although he and Mouse created the Lyme Lounge tick collection on that trip and that’s how our cute li’l trailer got named.

2 Responses to “Yuckity blech! Hi old lady! 🐗”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Get healthy!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Being sick as a healthy person is scary because we are NOT used to it and want to get better right away, at least I do. Take it easy and treat yourself gently, youngish lady!!