Mouth Breather

dhgtreeNothing like waking up at That Batscope Hour and having your significant other say you’ve been making sounds like you don’t feel good. Hmmm… Do I feel good? Well, yes. At least I did until he asked that. Now what *was* going on is that I had been breathing through my mouth all night because cold virus (and having some indescribable weird dreams but maybe that had to do with the mouth breathing) and boy oh boy oh boy was my mouth dry! I had been semi-aware of dry mouth for quite some time so I’m pretty sure that I sorta semi-surfaced a few times before I *finally* got up and reached for the big glass of water that I knew was a foot or so from my bed but couldn’t quite surface to get to. Is this TMI? 🐗

That episode gave me a slow-ish start to the morning. I draaaaaggggged myself outta the rack. Do I feel all right? Weeell, yes. Shower? Weell, yes (but always in my case). Do I feel well enough to walk a few miles? Weeell, yes. Walking was better than yesterday in fact! But what do I do about Coffee at Barry’s? I was conflicted. MMCB2 became Bubbe*3 last weekend. That’s third grandchild, not triplet grandchildren, but the newborn babe and her parents are temporarily living at Bubbe*3’s house and I did NOT want to send my stupid cold home with her. I would like to think I was more contagious last weekend before I had any serious symptoms but who the heck knows? In the end, I went to coffee but sat as far away from Bubbe*3 as I could and did not cough anywhere in the vicinity of the table. And then I got to work and after a while I realized I had kind of made a quantum leap of sorts, mouth breathing or not. The GG reported the same phenomenon so I guess we are on the mend, just in time to do a bunch of nasty snow driving to the yooperland to hike/snowshoe/Blough-Plow on the North Country Trail.

And no this pic is not from today. It is at Downtown Home & Garden last Friday. Today I drove home in a frickin’ snowstorm. I did not take the freeway but not because the roads were slippery because they weren’t. I could see that traffic on the westbound I94 18-Wheel Slogway was backed up so I bagged it and went through town, which annoyed me to no end but you do not want to know about that 💚

One Response to “Mouth Breather”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad you are on the mend! I always mouth breath and get a very sore throat when I have a cold.