Living in a garden just about to sprout

Two weeks ago when we went to the farmer’s market, only the vendors with the hardiest of wares were there. Lettuce and root veggies, Victoria with her painted fish, the ravioli lady, Roost Roast (coffee), Uncle Peter’s Pasties and some others. I still found plenty of stuff to buy. I always do. Today? I didn’t buy as much as usual (we don’t need as much as usual) but I did snag some fresh basil, the first of the season. And there were flowers and living plants everywhere. Look at all that color, not to mention Mr. Golden Sun.


I love these signs. I think I could *make* signs like this. Maybe when I execute the R word (which will *probably* not be any time soon but who knows), these farmers will hire me to make signs? More than likely, it’s already somebody else’s beloved job.


After a morning of chores and yard work, we walked down to the Griz for lunch at the bar. The GG insisted upon routing our walk down W1.5’s street and this sidewalk cartoon is in front of W1.5’s house. I do not think W1.5 created it.


Mr. Turtle lives in West Park with the ducks, goldfish, muskrats and 20 pound carp. Mr. Turtle is quite the celebrity and posed for many people to take his picture.


After lunch we made the rounds before slodging up the hill home. Skipped Literati today but hit up DHG and Argus Farm Stop, where I bought *more* food including these “salad turnips” and beefsteak tomatoes. I was intrigued by the salad turnips at the market this morning but I passed them up only to regret it later so I was glad to find them at Argus. The tomatoes are a bonus luxury, grown hydroponically in the Grand Rapids area. My backpack was heavy going up that hill.


I have walked 23.5K steps so far today and made four (count ’em) grocery-type runs: farmers market, Argus, Meijer, and Plum. My main reason for going to Meijer was to get Windex. They had NO WINDEX! There was some kind of sale or something and everybody made a run on Windex. Our doorwalls (new glass!) need cleaning and I need Windex. I have no Windex. I’m sure as soon as I buy Windex, I’ll find five bottles of it somewhere around here.

Anyway, I am taaaarrrred. It is beautiful here (except for the moe-skee-toe that just tried to land on me). Our yard is pretty well cleaned up thanks to the GG. ‘hicken is officially on duty as Garden Sentinel. All of the trees are still bare for now but it won’t be long. I guess the main point of the pic is that I am sitting outside and I am not the slightest bit cold.


3 Responses to “Living in a garden just about to sprout”

  1. Sam Says:

    Sounds like a terrific day. Sorry about the skeeter; love the temp.

  2. Pooh Says:

    You can use “stinky old vinegar” to clean windows too. The quote refers to one of the Boyz of Noise, after he wrote his name with soap on the bathroom mirror. Guess what he got to clean up with? Ha-ha, grammar nazis, I ended the sentence with not one, but two prepositions!

  3. Margaret Says:

    I have lots of windex, if I were only closer! We’re getting some very warm, sunny weather right now. All the mountains are out, amazing. It gives me lots of extra energy, luckily since there is now a ton of yard work to do. 😉