Tinkety tinkety flinglet

A day that starts out with a view like this has got to be a good day, roight?


A day that began with me taking my usual walk and the GG picking me up with the Ninja on Arborview to head down to Barton Dam to walk the river trails and here’s one of my fave trees lit up by the rising sun.


It’ll soon be hard to walk through The Encampment because vegetation and insects but we could easily do it today and I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to get an interesting photo of the Public Art installation, partly because it has assumed a three-dimensional aspect.


It was one of those days when you tink away at small prodjects and try to make yourself think you’ve accomplished something. Okay, I tackled a couple of medium-sized prodjects too. I obtained some Windex and washed the doorwalls in the Back Room and… I… cleaned out the faaarplace. I shoveled most of the ashes out but what remained filled up my ancient Electrolux vacuum cleaner’s bag. I put a new one in and then I tried to order another *two or three* on the Intertubes. Two or three? Try 10. Or 24. or 48. I change the bag in this vac *maybe* twice a year. So vacuum bags are on my grokkery list for the next time I make a Meijer run. I tried to get myself back into flinging today. I didn’t make a whole lot of progress except for a garbage bag full of my own old clothing. I am outta steam on that topic.

Sometime this morning, my Mouse posted a trout lily pic on facebook. That kind of kicked me into high gear. “I wonder if the trout lilies are out in Ritsema Woods (that’s the wee woods behind my house). Yes. Yes, they were. In full force.


jitp and trillium will be along soon enough. Chicken is on the grill and Gertrude is handling its friends. Cheers!

One Response to “Tinkety tinkety flinglet”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You were way more productive than I was! I did mow and weed eat the back lawn, finished vacuuming and got a mani/pedi. Not too awful!