Time traveling

Using the timehop app (or facebook) to look at old photos/posts from “this day in history” is in turns fascinating, horrifying, and mystifying. Since I have NOTHING to say today (except that it is a beautiful hot sunny April day and I am happier than I have a right to be but not without some trepidation), I cobbled together some stuff from each of the last seven years on April 18th. Approximately April 18th, that is. If there was nothing on April 18th or nothing of consequence on April 18th, I picked a nearby date. (It’s my blahg and I can do what I want to! And so can you!)

So, last year (2015) we arrived in Atlanta on this date. We were taking a much-needed road trip to Crazy Old Florida and we were fortunate enough to stay with our friends for a couple of nights on the way down. The photo below is from Piedmont Park. It certainly doesn’t define Piedmont Park in any way. Just one of those pics that you take and never post because you end up with so many more exotic pics to post. We (I) wanted to go back to Fla this spring but it didn’t work out.


2014? New Landfill Chitchen! Photo is from April 14th. Done done done. Still gorgeous but with carefully (or not) curated clutter.


2013: We were at the moomincabin. Definitely NOT a year that Mother Nature would let us open the moomincabin up in April. We had a room at the Hotel Ojibway.


2012: 90 degree temps (and a tornado) in March. Our North Country Trail April hike that year did not feature any snow whatsoever. The Comm had died a couple months earlier. We visited that same Niagara Escarpment that you may have seen on my snow-covered blahg entry on our hike from two Saturdays ago.


2011: After much finagling, I had gotten The Commander into the hospital for a small stroke. I walked down from Command Central to Brady Park as the sun was coming up. I’m sure I was trying to think through the fog to the future when I took this pic. I had already cleaned out her refrigerator, knowing in my heart that she was not going home to Command Central (wish it could’ve been different). Although I continued to use the refrigerator intermittently for almost another year, the contents had to be minimized.


2010: Trout lilies in the woods! And a much older iPhone since this was (I think) the original photo at 1600×1200. We’ve come a long way since then.


2009 Tada: the earliest year the timehop app throws stuff up to me. Lemme see. No pics from that date but there were a few Twitter convos. @DogMomster had suggested that I could call the poleeese to arrest neighborhood noisemakers. I do not remember what was going on in the neighborhood at that moment but I can only guess it was benign since I replied to her tweet that I was having fun listening to it. @EducareMom was correcting me for saying The Dexter Pub instead of its proper name, Dexter’s Pub. Haven’t been to Dexter’s Pub in a while, come to think of it. Went there a lot when my old coot was incarcerated in the Henry Ford Hoosegow. That mystery adventure? I have no clue…


2 Responses to “Time traveling”

  1. le Marquis Says:

    I really like the photo of Bill in the snow. Has he retired yet?

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love seeing these photos-what a great idea for a post!! Our memories are very precious.