24 hours

We were trundling along through a typical Planet Ann Arbor weekend when we got a text message or two or three and finally a phone call. In another few hours we had overnight guests (with dogz!) and our plans to walk at Our Hiking Lake early this morning were dashed. It’s okay, it was for a good reason and we had so much fun with our guests (and dogz!) and it is not my place to say anything more but here are our cute little overnight doggies, Chloe Belle and Daisy. Make no mistake, they are cute but they are dogz and it was probably good that there is a fence between our yard and Hank’s yard because they did interact with each other.


Daisy thought she had found a good place to sleep (my bed). She slept in her comfy cage. Chloe Belle is trustworthy about not running off or pulling terlet paper off the roll, etc. Daisy, not so much.


We (Twinz, Dogz, and KW) walked down at the dam this morning. The UU is making kind of a weird face but I think he was just talking or something. In reality, he is just as handsome as his Ugly Brother.


The Encampment had been changed… since last Sunday. The Art Installation was kind of cleaned up and minimized.


But there was this Tree Rock Art that was NOT there last week. We never see anyone at The Encampment, so not sure who maintains it or why but I’ll save that speculation for some other day.


After that, breakfast at the Village Kitchen and then a Plum Market shopping trip with the UU and The Beautiful Gay. And then they left us and we regrouped a bit and headed over to Plymouth to watch Mouse play Laura A Girl in Laura. Loved it along with the Twin Peaks music that often accompanied the play. I do not have a photo of Mouse in the play today so I will leave you with the photo below. The Quintessential Mouse.


Life goes on (and on and on). Sunrise, sunset. Ad infinitum. Love y’all. KW!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love all your activities and the spontaneous nature of much of it. A full life, my dear. 🙂